Authority Services

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Press kit builder

Press kit

A well-created and updated press kit will show that you are someone that is sought after by the media and will help you be treated like an authority in your space. We will work with you to create something magnificent that will showcase your subject matter-expertise and help you get far more media. All you need to do is take what we prepare and give it to your web developer for your website. A press kit is mandatory if you want more media attention!

Done for you

We interview you and comb through all your content to write your bios and everything else a good press kit should have. $1799

Done with you

You fill out forms and do your best to supply everything we need. We do all the editing to make sure your press kit will do all you need it to. $1199


You have a press kit already. We'll review and edit what you have and make sure it follows all of today's best practices and communicates with media and influencers so that you are respected as the authority that you are. $399

LinkedIn authority review

LinkedIn Authority Makeover

You are regularly being vetted on LinkedIn by potential customers, influencers, investors, and partners. We'll make sure they love what they see so they'll engage with you.

We'll conduct a thorough review of your LinkedIn and render a full report (via an easy-to-read google doc), complete with recommendations of the changes you should make. The review will include personalized suggestions as well as best practices so your profile performs well and helps you connect with influencers, journalists, clients, and possibly even new partners. Our objective is to make you look like the thought leader you are! $399

Website authority review

Website Authority Review

You are being judged by the appearance and effectiveness of your website every time someone views it. We can offer a full review of your website – which focuses on indicators of authority and suggestions for conversion optimization. This comes complete with suggested improvements to increase and prolong engagement with your entire website, not just the front page. $399

Become Twitter famous

Twitter Skyrocket

You are being judged by the media and influencers based on your Twitter presence. It's not an optional social media platform if you want to work with journalists. Not to worry. We'll take care of this and make you look like a Twitter rock star. You just need to make sure some content is cycling on your Twitter account. We'll find the people who care about what you have to say. We'll help you gain the greatest number of engaged fans that Twitter will allow us each month (up to 2000). This is a manual process that takes us 30 min+ each day on your behalf. Your job is to follow our advice on sharing content regularly as well as engaging with people who mention you. We'll take care of the rest! $399/mo