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Done with you Publicity Director, Speaking Bureau, Reputation Manager, Media Consultant, Influencer Agency, Growth Strategist

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I hope the free Authority Transformation Masterclass has been valuable. I'm sorry – but we are no longer accepting media influencer clients.

Tired of always missing opportunities??
You need a:
Publicity Director
Speaking Bureau
Reputation Manager
Media Consultant
Influencer Agency
Growth Strategist

This could easily cost you more than $8,000.00 a month!

With the UpMyInfluence Community, we will work TOGETHER to 10X your authority. When that happens, you can fill up your sales schedule and have the impact you always dreamt of.

Our goal is to make you irresistibly attractive to your ideal customers.

Ready to go from being INVISIBLE to being SEEN and CELEBRATED?

Here's how we'll do this together!

Influencer Growth Community

Together, we can grow our influence and authority! Just plug your team in with our 400+ member community and you'll have all the support you need when it comes to your publicity and authority. Our members are incredibly helpful and when you start networking with other authority-minded business owners, you'll see great things happen in business.


Office Hours LIVE with Josh

Get LIVE help with digital marketing, media, authority – and other areas of business growth. Josh and special subject-matter-experts will teach and review your own business in real-time in a live workshop setting.


Business Blueprint Resort Day

This is the absolute FIRST thing you work on as a member of our community. Before you start working on your brand, let's get some crystal-clear clarity as to who you are and who you serve. Then, we'll work on the pain-point you solve and the ideal product/service to achieve that relief. We'll work on identifying the perfect audience to speak to and the message that you have a moral imperative to deliver. When you know your WHY and HOW, you will be able to achieve your goals faster than ever!


High-Performing Press Kit

Showcase your subject matter expertise and help you get far more media. A press kit is mandatory if you want to work with the media.


Website Authority & Conversion Review

Get massive clarity with a full review of your website – focusing on indicators of authority and suggestions for conversion optimization.


Total Media Domination INTERACTIVE Video Course

Become masterful at attracting media. I'll give you a PhD in attracting media for businesses – and break down all my strategy, pitches, and performance skills that will help you become a media celebrity. Engage with the community & our team with each section.


Speaker Kit Builder, Review & Booking Mastery

Want to be a public speaker? Of COURSE you do! Do you need a speaker agency? Unless you're at the $12K+ level, NO! Step 1 is to follow our speaker kit builder. Step 2 is to notify our team and the community when you want eyes on it and we'll offer our review. Then, I'll reveal how to get your virtual assistant access more than 5000 conferences, trade shows, consumer shows, and online summits! Pick your favorite events by geography or event type and start having them submit you! Seriously… if you want to speak, there is no better way to fill up your calendar!


Podcast Guest Mini-Masterclass & Podcaster Directory

You'll forever change how you perform on podcasts as a guest – and it’s gonna help you get more podcast guest opportunities. We will also give you access to our database of 10K+ podcasters – including their email addresses to effectively reach out.


Media database

Great research tool ONLY for members. Find local media in any US market – including TV, radio, newspapers, and magazines. Includes email addresses and phone numbers.


LinkedIn Profile Makeover

Follow our step by step Linkedin Profile builder. We have dozens of examples and VERY specific strategies as to how to MAX OUT your LinkedIn profile and SKYROCKET your authority. Post your updates to our community for review by our team. As a member, you can submit anyone in your company for our final review.


Get LOADS of Online Reviews

Members get access to our online review system – which will allow you to get 5-star reviews on facebook, Google, (and more) from your customers every month – and attractively display them on your website. We will also teach you the strategies to get endless referrals and reviews WITHOUT asking!


Social Media Profiles Review

Follow our step-by-step interactve training and submit your profiles for a full review of your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram profiles. Our goal will be to AMP up your authority and level of connection.


Twitter Publicity Mastery Video Course

Get more connections with influencers and media. Build traffic. Gain more sales. Most folks underutilize this powerful platform. I'll reveal all my greatest ninja skills and show how I was able to grow more than 80K followers.


Media Mention Monitoring

We'll step you through all the free and freemium media mention monitoring services (and help you max out the settings) – so you can get alerts anytime you are mentioned – either in the press, on a blog, or even on social. Your ability to engage quickly can make a HUGE impact on your online reputation – and help you win more sales. We'll guide you on all the strategies – and even provide advice when dealing with tricky situations.


GoogleMyBusiness Mastery

If you aren't taking advantage of everything Google is giving you, you're missing out! We'll help you get 100% complete – including many little-known hacks that can help you get seen by as many of your customers as possible. GMB is a fast-evolving platform; You can rest easy – knowing that our team will be watching it closely and alerting you and training your team on how to max-out every new feature as they become available.


We Promote You to our 100K Fans

Every Friday, we pick some of the biggest media wins from our community and share them out to our big social media audience! Do good stuff – and this is a guaranteed media influencer win for you.


Members-only discounts

We turn our clients into media celebrities with all of our other services. After you build a great authority foundation, we're happy to help with introductions to media, podcasters, and influencers. If you are an UpMyInfluence member, we'll be offering you fun promotions and discounts not available to anybody else.


Get Your Assistant to Implement Your Influence & Authority!

Learn all my secrets to hiring affordable developers, social media managers, virtual assistants and other people you need on the team. Nearly every assignment you'll get from your UpMyInfluence Community (that you can't do yourself) can be done with a freelancer under $10 an hour. This can save you MANY thousands of dollars on PR agency fees. They are welcome to access every part of your UpMyInfluence Community membership! We'll happily train them.


Quick-start strategy session & Blueprint

Let us offer you some immediate action items to boost your visibility and authority for greater profits – while we coach you over a live monthly group video call JUST for newbies. Learn how to maximize your UpMyInfluence Community membership and get 100% of your value! We'll also work out your 12-month BLUEPRINT so you can plan out your 10X EXPLOSION IN AUTHORITY.


Monthly hands-on workshops

Masterclasses with some of the smartest guests I’ve come across from The Thoughtful Entrepreneur Daily podcast. Our goal will be to curate great minds who believe like we do in GIVING.

Now each of these classes are actionable, step-by-step systems that will reveal the secrets to creating irresistible offers, social media domination, story branding, figuring out your why and getting unstuck, sales domination, and several others. I’m excited to advocate for you and get these great minds who have agreed to waive their consulting fees to each bring us a legit free monthly masterclass.



Don't do this alone! For just $1333 a month, You can join me, my team, and our amazing community of business owners and professionals. Let's do this together!

No contracts. Cancel anytime.

Sorry. No longer accepting new clients.

Our most common questions fall into these categories…

Q. We got a contract from a PR agency and they wanted to charge thousands of dollars monthly. What's the difference between that and what you provide?

A. The UpMyInfluence Community is a lifetime membership designed to provide the leadership, experience, tools, expertise, and platforms you see above. We work very well with your existing teams and solo entrepreneurs. For our scholarship members, nearly everything we provide can be handled by a competent writer. We can even help you find someone who can follow our instructions at a very reasonable rate.

I spent more than $25K on PR firms for my other company and was stuck in a bad contract. I can speak from experience that most of the work peformed by these firms were tasks that could have been perfectly handled by a writer or assistant on my own team. As someone who works hard to be a good steward of our budgets, this was very frustrating (to put it mildly).

What I really needed was some good advice, ongoing training and support for my team, and lots of great resources. I couldn't find it – so we started this amazing movement. The UpMyInfluence Community gives you access to our community of experienced business owners and their own staff focused on this work. You also get access to our amazing support team, 6+ years of building the tools you see today, and my own leadership in getting 2000 media appearances. Old-fashioned PR firms are a thing of the past for most nimble, growth-focused startups, small business owners, and entrepreneurs.

If you're not sure if this is for you, the best thing to do is experience what it's like for yourself. Just apply for a scholarship. Yes. It's really 100% free.

Q. Will you send pitches and press releases for me?

A. Yes. We have other fairly-priced services for that.

Q. Can you just do my press kit, Linkedin makeover, etc… for me?

A. Yes. That's all included for full members. Scholarship winners will get our step-by-step systems and can post their work to our community for support and feedback.

Q. Can I see what it looks like before buying?

A. Just apply for a scholarship. If you are accepted, you'll see everything – except for our team, coaching calls, copywriting services, etc…

Q. Why are you giving away free scholarships? Is this a marketing trick?

A. I know how you feel – and I desparately needed help when I started my other companies – but I couldn't afford it. As a result, my sales were terrible. I made lots of expensive mistakes because there were just things I didn't have the experience on – or the right tools. I used a lot of free resources and felt so frazzled trying anything that would work. I hate that feeling. I really just wanted someone to say, ‘do this' and have it work out.

It's my mission to serve you. This is our give-back. We make plenty of money working with larger companies providing services. Please spend all the time you like listening to our podcasts, watching our Youtube videos, connect with me on the socials. But PLEASE do not blow this off. My prescription is for you to spend 2-5 hours weekly on your authority MINIMUM. As a consumer expert of 13 years, I can tell you that you are losing massive sales because your online authority is all fair game today.

Q. I love this! Do you have an affiliate program?

A. Yes. Although it's in beta right now – and we're working with a limited number of affiliates. Hit the blue DM chat box at the bottom of this screen.
Q. Do you guarantee that I will get in the media / speaking gigs?

A. For our full VIP members, yes. You will get $8000 in media coverage (10 placements) by month 6 or your membership is free for life until you hit that!

Remember: You will only get the media, speaking opportunities, partnerships, influencer attention that you genuinely earn. RUN from anyone that wants to sell you any tool or service that promises otherwise. Journalists HATE that spammy stuff. It doesn't work. The only exception is pay-to-play media which I do NOT recommend unless you have money burning a hole in your pocket.

If you follow this proven system, you should get the same results that others do. It worked for them. It can work for you. You are being mercilessly judged on your lack of perceived authority. This is costing you sales and incredible opportunities that are going to others. We are going to fix that together.

For our scholarship winners, we can't guarantee placements – but you are absolutely in the right environment to earn them!

Q. Will this help with our paid ads?

A. Yes. Think of what you do before you buy any product or service. You check people and brands out before you break out that credit card. You look for evidence to support your curiosity. The UpMyInfluence Community will help you shore up your authority so you can grow much faster and get a far better ROI from paid marketing.

Q. Is this just e-courses?

A. Oh my gosh, no! You do NOT need another $997 course! You will see I love producing lots of short videos – because I know it's the most effective way for many people to learn. Every single aspect of the UpMyInfluence Community is designed for you and I to work together to get the outcome we both want for you. You will have access to an active community and my team. The member area is LOADED with propietary tools and forms that our team will work with you on – regardless of whether you are a full member or scholarship winner. I spend my personal time answering all the questions I can during our private monthly members-only office hours live.

Q. Can my team access our account?

A. Yes – although everything will be under your name in the community, etc… Just contact us if you have any special needs.

Q. Can you guys do a bunch of copy editing for me?

A. As long as it's under the scope of work above, yes. For scholarship winners, our community will likely provide honest feedback. Our job is to provide the leadership, expert training for you/your team, tools, and support. I'm not saying you HAVE to do the writing. You can hire good writers at fair rates. They can follow our system. For more intense jobs, you can also check out our services.

Q. If I cancel or ask for a refund will it be weird?

A. Ha! We love being of service as long as you'll let us. Seriously. It's cool if you need to leave the party whenever you like. If you decide that you don't love us, it's no big deal to request a refund in your first 30-days. We can still be friends. 🙂

Q. Signing up now. Are you gonna raise the price on me?

A. Let me be the first to welcome you aboard. I have several special videos I'll be sending you right now.

Heads-up: We've also added a few new items to our community that we are in the process of rolling out – but may not be fully available on day 1.

If we increase our price in the future for new members, you should know that we've always grandfathered our previous members' pricing. Your investment above is for lifetime access. Once that first year is paid off, our work is free.

We have a number of incredibly valuable tools and resources being developed in our lab right now that we'll be rolling out totally free to our members. Feel free to tell us what you want & need and we'll try to get it on our roadmap!


Josh has been featured in the media more than 2000 times including:
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