Be a Podcast Guest – Free

We know a LOT of podcasters. They are looking for qualified guests. We'll email you weekly with opportunities we find.

Yes. This is a free service. We have clients launching great shows, and they're looking for amazing guests. We also interview 10-15 guests weekly for The Thoughtful Entrepreneur and often come across other podcasters who're looking to connect!

Being a podcast guest can dramatically increase your authority and influence. It's a great way to develop your platform and generate content perfect for serving your own audiences.

It's incredibly important to me that I bring you value. It's our goal that we assist in helping to make connections between great podcast opportunities and amazing guests.

Here are the rules:

1. Do not apply to be on shows where you do not qualify in hopes that they will change their minds. Please pay close attention to what the podcast is looking for. You may be doing AMAZING things – but if you apply and show up to an interview or pre-interview that is not a fit, it's not a good use of time for you or the host. It also hurts our ability to provide this as a free service if podcasters complain.

2. If you don't find this email to be helpful – or the shows we find for you to consistently not be a fit, simply unsubscribe at any time. The unsubscribe link will always be at the bottom of every message.

3. We may be inconsistent with our delivery. Be patient. We may not have new opportunities for weeks. We may have an urgent opportunity. We hope this will be ok?

4. Many of the shows we recommend will be our own clients. Our clients likely have the hope of growing their business through networking via their platform. You are never under any obligation to do business with anyone – but we hope that you will take the opportunity to learn what you each do. If there's a business fit, cool. If not… no sweat.

After 200 podcast appearances and 700 episodes recorded myself, podcasting is my A+ #1 way I network and connect with amazing partners, clients, and services I need for my own growth.

Building key relationships has led me to create two 7-figure companies with zero paid ads. I believe relationships are the key to success – particularly in the B2B world.

5. We HIGHLY recommend building a press kit / podcast guest page on your site – so the podcaster can check you out. You can copy what I do here. While you're at it, make sure your socials look good? We just want you to land as many appearances as possible.

6. We HIGHLY recommend you have a good USB microphone and treat every interview like a video interview. Most podcasters use Zoom video. You certainly don't need my full techstack – but I share many good tips on looking & sounding amazing in this article.

7. This is a free service. We may occasionally share opportunities where there may be some benefit to us. Maybe ads or something? We're not sure yet. We'll always disclose when something would profit us. As a mission, affiliate links nearly always fund our charity work.

8. Want to increase your authority and influence as you get more podcast appearances? Feel free to take my free 4-video series: The Authority Transformation Masterclass. I provide lots of free tools, and links – stuff that will help you grow your business and personal branding.

9. Make sure to promote all your appearances heavily to your own audience. Those are the folks more likely to immediately engage with you! They already like you and will be so proud to hear you share your story and wisdom!

10. Most guests over-value the visibility of being on podcasts – and under-value the authority they gain. Don't worry if your phone isn't ringing off the hook. With every appearance, you are building new relationships and honing your message. Share every episode on your site like I do here. Get your future customers to check this out. Imagine what will happen if you can get a potential customer to spend an hour listening to your expertise!

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