Connect with the world with professional translations.

Today we're joined with Sean Hopwood, the President of DayTranslations.

DayTranslations is an International Translation Company. Sean started the company in 2007 by doing translations all by himself and he grew the business from the ground up from there. Now they have offices in 18 different countries and work on a variety of services like localization, subtitling movies, voiceovers, voice casting, and anything to do with language barriers.

Certified in over 100 languages, DayTranslations can help solve virtually any language barrier or troubles you may have. The power of translation technology is so useful in today's world in any industry to draw in clients from all around the globe. This can grow your business tremendously and bring it from nationwide sales to worldwide sales.

Learn more about the wonders of translation and if you should implement it in your business on this episode of The Thoughtful Entrepreneur.

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