Utilizing digital download products.

On the show today is Christine Scalera, the attorney and Founder behind the Contract Shop.

Christine helps businesses turn their services into products to sell. For example, let's say your business is always sending out the same documents in your onboarding sequence, these could become templates that you sell through an online store for clients to fill out. She uses a bunch of different strategies and techniques to figure out how your business could convert services to products.

Productization is a growing topic right now because it is so helpful for small businesses. Digital download product shops are revolutionizing the info products industry. It might be too late for you to sell online courses, but digital download products are just heating up. These help both the business and the client, because they squash the work from the business' side and let the client get a hands on approach to filling out the template themselves.

Learn more about how you could sell your services as products and the wonders of productization in this episode of The Thoughtful Entrepreneur.

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