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If you are a 6-figure consultant with a high-value offer, I will teach you how to create a million dollars in annual sales for free.

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6-figure consultant? Let's grab 30 minutes and talk about your offer and whether it would make sense to partner.

In this video I'll reveal step-by-step the exact system we used to scale to 7-figures in annual sales.

We're seeking select partners and can implement this system for you. If accepted, you will double your investment – guaranteed.

Our clients who sell higher-value services commonly tell us:
"Our best customers all come from word of mouth, referrals, and networking – but that's not scalable. We need more leads!"
Painfully, they've shared what DOESN'T work:
  • Sales funnels
  • Webinar automation
  • White papers
  • Bots
  • Gimmicks
  • Ads
  • DMs asking for sales appointments
  • Being phoney or manipulative
  • Lead-gen services
  • Cold email spam
  • Being salesy
Sound familiar? How do YOU feel when people use these tactics on you?

If you sell B2B, there is an UNLIMITED number of VERY qualified clients that will work with you. There are just three problems:

  1. You are currently invisible to your most qualified leads.
  2. The most qualified leads are too busy to reply to your cold outreach and advertising.
  3. The most qualified leads are too busy to build a relationship with you – and certainly too busy to jump into your sales funnel.

Josh Elledge has studied and led consumer behavior for 13+ years. As such, your potential customers are ALL consumers and old-school sales and marketing methods no longer work like they did 5+ years ago..


Here's how we work together:


  • We will conduct three 30-minute phone calls to discover your current processes, troubleshoot what can be improved, and better establish your authority and devise our plan for success.
  • We will lead you to establish more digital competence, likability, and influence. It matters.
  • We will coach you on creating a perfect offer (separate from your products) that your potential influencers will LOVE. Imagine if 30% or better of the perfectly qualified influencers you reached out to said yes to an appointment with you.
  • We'll create art! The platform we create will need to be insanely attractive to your dream client. When the podcast/platform title hits us, we'll all smile in unison because we'll know it's perfect.
  • The edification video series we create together will cause your potential clients to LOVE you. This is the secret sauce that makes sales SO much easier. In fact, you likely won't consider what you do as sales anymore when you are dealing with someone who already knows, likes, and trusts you!
  • We will architect a sustainable and scalable leadgen plan that will help you achieve your goals.
  • We'll construct a formula for follow-up that will help improve your close rate. Most busy influencers are NOT going to engage immediately. They require someone to lead in the relationship; someone who will continue to give value and move the ball forward. Chances are, you are currently losing huge deals because you simply don't know what to do.

    Through semi-automation, human connection, a give-first mindset, and virtual connection on all channels (particularly social media), you will stop losing your momentum with your dream clients.

  • If you are not completely confident of our outcome within our first 30-days, we will issue a full refund of your deposit. We only work with people who are a 10 out of 10.


  • We will fill up your schedule with qualified potential clients. They will be aware of your offer – and, most importantly, they will be excited to talk with you.
  • We will constantly evaluate our outreach – ensuring that you are spending your time with as many great prospects as possible who are eager to grow a relationship with you.
  • We will constantly evaluate your follow-up processes (sales cadence) – ensuring that you are closing as many deals as possible. We want to shorten your sales cycles and win you more partnerships.
  • There is no long-term contract. You can pause, cancel, upgrade, or downgrade any month you like. Our work is entirely performed at your discretion.
  • Our system is completely done-for-you. You've earned it – and you deserve amazing growth, sales, and revenue.
  • We become partners for life. We supplement your existing sales team with our advanced relationship-first system.
  • Our primary objective is to have your sales team show up to work on Monday to a schedule filled with appointments with amazing potential clients.
  • We will create an ideal platform to make you INSANELY attractive to clients who have otherwise been elusive. They will trip over themselves to grab a call with you. I know it sounds bizarre – but that's exactly what happens with this system.
  • We will lead you to establish more digital competence, likability, and influence. It matters.
  • We'll construct a formula for follow-up that will skyrocket your close rate. Most busy leads are NOT going to buy immediately. They require you to lead in the relationship; someone who will continue to give value and move the ball forward. We'll make this process MUCH easier for you.
  • Chances are, you are currently losing huge deals because you simply don't know what to do. Through genius systems, human connection, and virtual connection on all channels (particularly social media), you will gain fast momentum with amazing clients. Getting ghosted in sales? We can help with that. Customers taking too long to pay/sign up? We can help fix that.
  • It is critical to our work for you to have high digital authority. We'll do an assessment of your social media, branding, social proof, and coach you and your team on the highest priority issues to fix. These issues are all part of what your customers are judging you on.
  • Stop guessing at what works in sales. You will be able to join a monthly mastermind of sales directors and founders as we share all our best secrets with one another.
  • We are constantly improving sales systems due to the large number of clients we manage. We will bring all our latest learnings and data to improve our mutual success.
  • We will constantly evaluate your follow-up processes – ensuring that you are closing as many deals as possible. We want to shorten your sales cycles and win you more deals.
  • We work well for agencies, financial planners, attorneys, masterminds, high-level training and service providers, those seeking partnerships with influencers, and more. If your dream customer is a decision-maker with a successful company, this system is for you.

Because of our joint-venture model, we only accept certain clients. Those who we do accept, we guarantee that you will double your investment with us.

If you sell B2B and have higher-ticket items ($5000+) OR are seeking high-value relationships with partners, let's chat to discuss whether a joint-venture relationship would make sense.


How does the investment work?

The total investment for the build-out phase is $25,000. We can also agree to joint-venture / rev-share relationships on a case-by-case basis. We see this as investing in the relationship for those we'd love to work with – and product/services believe in – rather than charging for the full project build-out upfront. We ask for a 20% refundable deposit to cover the hardest of hard costs ($5000). The remaining balance is completely performance-based. When we achieve $20,000 in new sales with you, we'll collect the 2nd $5000 payment. Then, the additional $5K payments at $30,000, $40,000, and $50,000.

Do I have to pay that all upfront?

No. If we decide to work together, we prefer an ongoing performance-based / joint-venture model as outlined above. We want long-term partners – not short-term projects. This means we can keep your weekly schedule filled with potential customers who love you for decades.

Do you have a guarantee?

Yes. Aside from the 20%, we don't make money unless you do. We have a vested interest in your outcome.

What happens after the build-out investment?

After we've helped you earn the first $50K, we will have completed the build-out phase, and we will work completely commission-based for life – helping you earn 7-figures in sales and beyond. That commission rate is negotiable – and is our goal – to have a great lifetime sales system development relationship together where we keep your sales schedule filled with amazing clients.

How do I qualify?

We look for 4 things:

  1. Culture fit. We don't work with sharks. You need to be committed to relationship-first sales.
  2. Do you have a high-value offer that would support our model? Our clients have offers that run $5000-$250,000. If your don't currently have a high-value offer, let's chat. I've evaluated and advised on hundreds of offers. We know what sells.
  3. Your current sales rate and ability to scale.
  4. Your customer avatar.

What happens if I don’t like this?

It is absolutely critical that we have a great working relationship together. We'd count on you to be coachable. Likewise, we hope you'll always love the direction that we will take your sales and the manner in which we provide that help. If either of us doesn't feel great about the relationship, we'll part ways. We will refund the first payment (the 20%) if we've discovered either of us have made a mistake in partnering within the first 30-days.

This being said, like any investor, we typically vet our joint venture partners pretty well. We will internally validate your offer/product/service – and may have some suggestions for increasing conversion and profit-margin. We also are very sensitive to culture fit and will not move forward with anyone we see as a shark. If you see your customers as strictly numbers or dollars, I can tell you already that it's not a fit. We LOVE working with thoughtful leaders committed to making a positive impact in the world.

Will this work for my offer?

It may – or may not. Let's chat. Our partners typically offer larger-ticket B2B products/services. We generally look for offers with a lifetime value of $5000 or more.

We've worked with MANY professional services, coaches, consultants, mastermind facilitators, platforms, SAAS tools, real estate mentors and services, financial advisors, attorneys, developers, doctors, companies seeking investors, industry solutions, manufacturers, and companies seeking strategic partners of their own.

Will this work for my audience?

Do your dream clients see you as an annoying PEST with your advertising, cold calls, emails, & DMs? How would you like to be their welcomed GUEST? Our partners aim for decision-makers with successful companies – or clients that are fairly resistant to ads.

This is where I get on my soapbox a bit – but we are in the midst of the marketing apocalypse – particularly if you want to communicate with a sophisticated, busy audience. They don't want your salesy email drip campaigns. They don't have time for white papers and webinars. Maybe they'll consume your content, but the world is SWIMMING in content! It's a simple fact: Today's leaders do business with people they have relationships with. If you're just seen as a vendor/someone trying to sell them… good luck.

  1. You need AUTHORITY. Your customers are judging you… harshly.
  2. You need a PLATFORM. Stop inviting people to sales calls. It just doesn’t work anymore.
  3. You need to GIVE FIRST. Generosity is the key to authentic relationships.

Partnering with UpMyInfluence is the key to forming dozens of high-value relationships every month; Relationships that will last a lifetime; Relationships that will lead to networking unlike anything you've likely experienced; Relationships that will lead to all the business you and your company can handle.

You simply need to be talking to more qualified customers – who have the ability to pay and desire to pay. We'll create the processes which will fill your schedule with these new relationships.

Who am I working with?

Your account manager holds the keys to the kingdom! She or he will be your point person – and will connect you with (or gather resources from) our full team of experts – which include sales & marketing strategists, copywriters, video production, integration experts, podcast hosts, developers, and designers. You'll have instant access to your account manager and others in our shared Slack channel. You'll also likely have 2-3 Zoom calls with them during the build-out phase and then monthly for our plan/do/reviews.

Josh Elledge and Alissa Nolan will provide your higher-level strategy and coaching. You'll likely meet 2-3 times with either/both of them during the build-out phase – and then monthly for our plan/do/reviews.

How much time will this take me/my team?

We're going to make this as easy as possible for you and your team. We will strategize with you on a one-hour onboarding call. We'll also need to gather several resources from you. We'll be asking for content you can share with your future clients. If you haven't been producing any content historically, this may take time to provide your expertise (preferably in video). Otherwise, the biggest job is creating a video edification series. We can record all of this in a one-hour Zoom call. All you have to do is answer questions the host asks you and we'll edit everything up.

All told, during the build-out phase, I would plan on allocating 2-4 hours weekly for 4 weeks from either you or your team. In the first 30 days after we launch your platform, you will likely want to have a sales director, growth director, or yourself available for 5-10 hours of sales calls weekly. After about 30-60 days, that will likely expand to more than 20 hours weekly from our combined efforts. Keep in mind that this is nearly ALL face-to-face client Zoom time.

As we set up your system, and fill your sales schedule, our goal is that founders are only doing what founders can do. Sales directors are doing only what sales directors can do. And the rest is delegated. Your backend systems should be run by a sales assistant (about 5-10 hours weekly) who we will train. If you are currently overwhelmed by things to do, you may be a couple of months away from getting your life back.

How do you get the leads?

Leadgen is the easiest aspect of what we do. In my view, there is a seemingly infinite number of potential customers available. Where marketers typically screw this up is they start selling right away to REAL people – which makes any leadgen service worthless. How do you respond to people who spam you with ads, DMs, calls, cold email? Our job is to get your dream clients to fall in love with you. That's our specialty. We will create authentic relationships – led by your give-first proprietary systems.

Here's our typical plan:

  1. We'll be reaching out to our own audience of 100K+ to find you clients. We can typically gain you more than 80 appointments in the first 30-60 days based on this alone.
  2. We should reach out to audiences that have an existing affinity with you. It's just very low-hanging fruit that you haven't been able to collect.
  3. We'll build an outreach campaign on LinkedIn Sales Navigator. The way we run it, we can typically get you 10 or more appointments weekly with folks who are HAPPY to be on a call with you.
  4. We have an expanded network of agencies, groups, and directories… Folks we've been working with for years. They're all going to help us attract your dream clients.
  5. We have leadgen and outreach ninjas who are simply remarkable at what they do. They can fill in anything needed to keep you VERY actively busy with great sales activity.

What we design will be enough to keep our teams busy for life – allowing you to scale and do what you do best while we geek out on the things we're most passionate about!

Do I have to host a podcast?

Not unless you REALLY, REALLY want to.

We supply the podcast host. We do the editing. We do the publishing. We do it all. The only thing you need to do is show up for the high-level networking calls we book for you.

If you DID want to be the host, we'll assign you a pre-interview production manager to make your life very easy. You would just show up with notes ready to go – and record your Zoom calls.

Will you be doing the selling?

Nobody should be doing the ‘selling' per se. More on that below.

Here's what we do:

  1. Identify your dream client and reach out.
  2. Invite them to be a guest on your platform.
  3. Gather all their info and start delivering a ton of value in a way that starts building the relationship between them and you. They will be delighted to spend 20 minutes or more getting to know about you and your company – even the outcomes you deliver.
  4. Make them feel like a million bucks by celebrating them for their achievements. We authentically and truly give them value – even if we never end up doing business together. It's okay. Our job is to do nice things for people. The worst-case scenario is they say ‘ no thanks' to progressing forward in partnering/meeting with you – and they happily share the experience (their podcast appearance) with their network of peers – who likely also happen to be your ideal customers.

Here's what you do:

  1. Have a fun discovery call together with someone who is delighted to chat with you, has a good understanding of your company – and is genuinely interested in learning about working together. No need to ‘sell' here. The vibe is like reconnecting with someone you met at a conference who is open to exploring the business relationship.
  2. Lead the relationship – following their interest level.
  3. Keep showing up for them. Have your sales assistant continue to do nice things for them virtually.
  4. Do lots of business together. If they choose not to move forward, it's okay. You have dozens of new dream clients around the corner to also build relationships with.

How soon will we start getting client appointments?

Long answer: When you activate, we give you access to your private members' area (LOTS of resources and videos to get you started quickly) and a private Slack channel with us. We'll book your onboarding session. From the onboarding session, build-out generally takes 30 days until we're able to start booking podcast appointments. Sales calls typically follow 7-days afterward.

Short answer: Usually as soon as 37 days.

How quickly can we make sales?

See above regarding the build-out phase timing. From there, if we can get you 10 calls a week, how many would you normally close? How long would that normally take? Our next goal will be to significantly shorten your sales cycles. Getting you talking with more highly qualified decision makers is job #1. That's baked in to our system. It's also baked into our system to build up their familiarity bias with you. Essentially, we want them to feel like they already know you when they talk with you for the first time.

Next is improving your sales stages and cadences. If you are primarily relying on nagging your potential clients with email and phone calls, you are building the wrong associations – and they are getting annoyed with you. Together, we'll map out a whole new follow-up strategy that will get folks loving you.

What do I do to activate?

If we each deem that this is a good partnership, we'll give you a custom action plan / agreement that will spell everything out in detail. We'll also send you an invoice & payment link. You'll then get access to our members area, Slack channel, and onboarding appointment! Exciting!

Not sure what services you need most? Let us help you.

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