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lead generation

B2B Lead Generation

Right now, there is such an amazing opportunity to generate meetings with highly qualified leads if you do business with other business owners and professionals. Hint: We don't use facebook ads and we don't use Google. Both were terrible for us. LinkedIn gives us a seemingly endless supply of scheduled conversations with our perfect audience.

We're happy to use our internal team to create the same success for you.

The intention is to book your potential customers or partners a time with your sales staff using your online scheduler. Our goal is to create 20+ appointments with qualified leads each month. This is the exact same system we use for ourselves and for many of our own clients.

The goal of any qualified lead should be to just get them on the phone with you. We will provide direction on best practices for sales/engagement. We will also provide coaching so that you can replicate what has been working for us.

This is a month to month service and only start the second month of billing after we have been actively reaching out to potential clients for a full month.

It is critical to our work for you to have an amazing LinkedIn profile. With a three month commitment of our B2B lead generation, we will offer you a LinkedIn profile makeover at no additional cost – and will begin on that work immediately upon engagement. $1500-$3000 for 15-30 sales appointments monthly. ($100 per appointment)