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Reconnect with yourself, humanity, and the cosmos.
Our guest for today is Dr. Eric Pearl, Founder of The Reconnection.
The Reconnection strives to make infinite healing and evolution fully accessible, transparent and easily learned by everyone. Known as “Reconnective Healing,” Dr. Pearl facilitates healings for people that are often instantaneous and can … Read More

Online reputation management made easy.
Our guest for today is Mick Griffin, Head of Growth and Customer Success at Brand24.
Brand24 helps protect your online reputation. Follow up on positive comments from your brand ambassadors & respond to a dissatisfied customer before the story gets ahead of you. Track and engage online … Read More

Marketing is the rocket fuel behind high growth businesses.
Our guest for today is Allan Dib, Founder of Successwise.

Allan Dib is a serial entrepreneur, rebellious marketer, technology expert and #1 bestselling author. Allan says, “Whether you’re already a successful entrepreneur who just wants to level up or you’re if you’re just … Read More

Our guest for today is Emma Johnson, Founder of Wealthy Single Mommy.

Emma is a best selling author, freelance author, and owns the world’s largest platform for single moms. She helps single moms build an amazing families, careers and love lives.

There are 10 million U.S. unmarried moms heading families, and 57 … Read More

Our guest for today is David Meerman Scott, Founder  of Fresh Spot Marketing, Wall Street Journal best-seller “FANOCRACY,” entrepreneur, and speaker.

David speaks at conferences and events at companies and association worldwide and to date has presented in 41 countries and on all 7 continents. His presentations combine three essential qualities: … Read More

Our guest for today is Jeremy Slate, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Command Your Brand Media.

Command Your Brand Media is the top public relations firm for podcasts.

Their program positions you in front of the right audience and teaches you how to use the content you’ve created to get the … Read More

Is your company in need of a social media makeover?
Our guest for today is Bess Auer, Co-founder of Auer Social Marketing. Auer Social Marketing is a program that focuses on re-branding and re-marketing companies’ social media to improve their business.

Aside from being the co-founder of Auer Social Marketing, Bess Auer … Read More

Our guest for today is Daniel Daines-Hutt, CEO and founder of Inbound Ascension. Inbound Ascension is a program that focuses in successfully retargeting and remarketing brands.

Aside from being the CEO and Founder of Inbound Ascension, Daniel is an internationally recognized and certified Digital Marketer, Public Speaker, and Marketing Consultant.

This blog isn’t … Read More

Our guest for today is Tom Drake, financial analyst and Founder and Editor-in-Chief of MapleMoney, providing tools to help customers create lasting financial freedom. MapleMoney’s mission is to help you learn how to make money, save money, invest money, and spend money wisely.  

Tom and the team at MapleMoney believe that anyone can learn to … Read More

Our guest for today is Chris Joyce, the CEO and founder of Gusher, a startup platform that focuses in successfully launching a company by using time equity. Gusher deals with companies in different industries whether it may be in media, health, technology, design, finance, and gaming.

The problem with most startup … Read More

Are you having trouble dealing with fear?
Our guest for today is Ruth Soukup, the founder of Ruth Soukup Omnimedia. She’s going to talk about how people are able to overcome stress in order to build their success, authority, and influence.

There have been so many time that you felt afraid that … Read More

I LOVE sharing what’s going on behind the scenes with you. We recently went live with a major launch and I’m going to tell you how.

Get in the media! Not so great on camera? You’re in luck because – despite some security issues at the bunker – Cheryl Tan has some great tips on this episode of Authority Confidential.

People no longer feel loyalty to brands. What can you do to get customers and keep them coming back? Find out in this episode of Authority Confidential, featuring special guest Mark Schaefer.

What do you do when a “fan” reaches out to tell you how much they hate you? Find out how to overcome hate mail on this episode of Authority Confidential featuring special guest John Lee Dumas.

The “Pod Hacker” secretly recorded me in an effort to share information he thought I was keeping for myself. I’m always one step ahead though and managed to steal his hacked audio. Buckle up, because you’re about to hear it! In this episode of Authority Confidential, the secret to being … Read More