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Meet the mentor.
Kevin Harrington is an entrepreneur and business executive, and was a judge on Shark Tank.

Today we talk about Shark Tank and the business opportunities that come from the show. Not only is it a funny and interesting TV show, it can also educate you to become a better … Read More

A creative community.
Today’s guest is Michael Dermer, the Founder and CEO of The Lonely Entrepreneur.

Michael helps entrepreneur’s take their passion and turn it into success. The Lonely Entrepreneur is an organization of like minded people trying to grow together. They offer tools like business templates, group coaching, and online support … Read More

Real Estate Wonders.
Today’s guest is Stacy Bahrenfuss, the Founder and CEO of Catalyst Real Estate.
Stacy started her idea of a company when she was 19 years old. She was working at a resort and saw how things shouldn’t work. She started her real estate company and built it up to … Read More

A Willy Wonka experience.
Jessica Tishue is the CEO and Founder of Bliss Foods.

Jessica has created a superfood and whimsical experience that helps the Earth all in one go. Bliss Foods creates sweet and savory options of edible cutlery like bowls, cups, and more. Their mission is to defeat single use … Read More

Easy tax solutions.
The guest with us today is Dusty Rollins, the CEO of Oxford Business Solutions and The Tax Cure.

Dusty started off running a construction company. When he visited his accountant he was told he owed a ton of money. This set him off on a journey to discover the … Read More

The art & science of sales.
Jeff Brandeis is the Founder and CEO of Brandeis Training Solutions.

Jeff teaches the art of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Figuring out how and why clients purchase their goods can be difficult. That’s where Jeff’s knowledge comes in. He believes that how people learn is how they buy. … Read More

A new way to email.
Matthew Dunn is the Founder and CEO of Campaign Genius.

Matthew Dunn has created Campaign Genius, a company that can convert any marketing email you may send to something you can edit in real time and update as your product changes. In this episode we talk about … Read More

Beautifully branded.
Bernadette Capulong is the CEO and Founder of BC Design Haus Agency.

Bernadette created her company as a branding marketing agency. They have worked with many big name brands such as Nike, Mattel, Nestle, and so much more. Her vision in design for packaging is for the product to speak … Read More

Work smarter, not harder.
Today’s guest is Jeff Venn, the CEO of Create Studios and Converge.

Jeff has a successful website building company called Create Studios. Recently, he’s decided to step away from running that company and is launching a mentoring business called Converge. Jeff wants to focus on teaching others how … Read More

Motivation to succeed.
Today we’re joined with Marques Ogden, the CEO and Founder of Ogden Ventures LLC.

Marques was a former NFL player, retired at 27 where he began a construction company. After a failed project turned him bankrupt, he had a pivotal moment and started motivational speaking. In two years of … Read More

The matrix of wealth.
On the show today is Todd Gaster, the Founder and CEO of Seventh Summit International and host of podcast The Daily Download.

Todd lives a challenge-based lifestyle and he’s here today to tell us about the ins and outs of health, wealth, and prosperity. He teaches his clients … Read More

Get smarter and achieve your goals.
Today on the show is Nelson Tressler, the Founder and CEO of I Got Smarter.

Nelson’s life started out in unfortunate circumstances, but he turned it all around and got smarter. He used his life challenges to help others struggling the same ways. Nelson founded I … Read More

Successful spices.
David Fradin is the CEO and Founder of Spice Catalyst.

Spice Catalyst is a product management and marketing company. David says the name Spice represents the five keys to success in product management. Not only does David run Spice Catalyst, he is also an author of a few books teaching … Read More

Give your business a boost.
The guest for today is Callum Laing, the CEO of MBH Corporation and host of the podcast Callum Connects.

MBH Corporation specializes in making small companies gain big profit. They work with companies together and help them grow and get financial assistance. They help businesses get noticed … Read More

The business of brands.
The guest for today is Bryce Johnson, the CEO and Founder of Go Big Creative.

Bryce began in the audio production world. Then 2 years ago he pivoted to visual marketing and branding. Go Big Creative creates a brand for companies and helps boost growth. He hired his … Read More

Business in basketball.
Today we’re joined with Dre Baldwin, CEO and Founder of Work On Your Game Inc.

Dre was a former professional basketball player. His career changed in 2015 when he decided to use the skills he once used as a basketball player to do business. Dre says he uses these … Read More