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Keep a healthy mind.
The guest for today is CJ Finley, CEO and podcast host of ThriveOnLife.

CJ Finley has helped many nonprofits and has a background in health and wellness. Since becoming an entrepreneur 3 years ago, he has created the podcast ThriveOnLife and ensures mental and physical wellness in his … Read More

Take back your life.
On the show with us is Lola Pickett, CEO of .

Lola provides transformational coaching for empaths to improve their resilience. She’s been coaching & mentoring for 10 years, helping others become the best version of themselves. She guides people through career changes, divorce, or anything else … Read More

 Transform & convert more leads.
Jason Cutter is the CEO & Founder of Cutter Consulting Group, Creator of Authentic Persuasion, and Host of The Sales Experience Podcast.

Cutter Consulting Group inside sales call center operations that offer B2C & B2B products and services. They assist in setting up sales systems and processes … Read More

 Turn small steps into big results.
Today on the show is Kristin Ostrander, Founder of Mommy Income and Host of The Amazon Files.

Kristin started on Ebay, selling items, to make ends meet. She discovered Amazon early on and started selling there instead. Her husband had a serious accident, couldn’t work, had … Read More

Invest to impress.
The guest for today is Judd Armstrong, the Founder of Unlisted Project app.

Judd was the Founder of Jaybird, the 3rd most successful wireless headphones after Beats and Bose. He sold the company to Logitech for $95M in 2016. After taking some time off to farm in Australia, Judd … Read More

Excellence in analysis.
Today on the show we have Dr. Mickey Ferri, Economic Damage Expert with Insight Economics.

Insight Economics supports companies and people in legal disputes who have been affected economically. They specialize in companies with patent infringement in the pharmacy and tech industries. He helps determine the value of patents … Read More

Ghostwrite to glory.
The guest for today is Laura Gale, the Owner of Laura is Writing.

Laura began working in the industry in a publishing house. She slowly transitioned over to her own business. Most of her clients are in the based in the United States instead of Europe, where she resides.

Learn … Read More

Take the lead, burn with confidence.
Daron Robertson is CEO & Co-Founder of Bhive and Founder of BroadPath Healthcare Solutions.

Daron founded BroadPath in 2008, a work-at-home company in healthcare compliance and data security. Then the idea of Bhive came to him. Bhive recreates the office experience virtually. Web cameras and software … Read More

Take the lead, burn with confidence.
Today on the show is Lynn Whitbeck, the Founder & CEO of Petite2Queen, President of Tiger Press, and Host of Claim Your Career Crown.

Petite2Queen is a virtual mentoring community for people who want more out of lives and careers. Lynn Whitbeck has knowledge and expertise … Read More

Simplify your life and business.
Jeff Chastain is the Founder of Admentus, Inc.

Admentus is a business coach consulting firm with 15+ years of experience. Jeff helps businesses develop cohesive infrastructure to encourage growth. The coaching helps move businesses past the teenage stage and grow into bigger successful companies.

Listen in and hear … Read More

Simplify your life and business.
On the show today is guests Dr. Uyi and Dr. Faith Abraham, Founders of Vonza.

Vonza is a one-step solution to running your online business. Instead of having to deal with using several different platforms, plugins, and programs, business owners can use Vonza for a business platform … Read More

Launch your campaign the smart way.
Todays guest is Nick Cesare, Founder of NWC Digital.

NWC Digital is a product launch agency. Nick’s father was an entrepreneur and started over 60 companies. You could say Nick caught the entrepreneurial bug. His dad was the first investor in Teespring and Nick began creating … Read More

Find time for your dreams.
On the show today is Annika Rosendahl, Founder of Annikaslol.

Annika is a business consultant to help owners and entrepreneurs manage their time in a holistic way. Her services include books, speaking engagements and consulting in person and online. Annikaslol helps working moms love their time with … Read More

Leaders of the future.
Chris Tuff is the Executive Vice President and Director of Content Marketing & Partnerships for 22 Squared and author of “The Millenial Whisperer.”

Chris helps executives and business owners learn how to adapt and change mindset toward their millenial employees. He helps create a positive work culture that … Read More

Expand and grow.
Hernan Vazquez is the Founder & CEO of Hernan Vazquez Media LLC.

HVM focuses on paid digital ads, email marketing, and sales funnels. They help clients grow their revenue with email automations and marketing funnels. Hernan has been doing digital marketing for 11 years and got into Facebook ads … Read More

Explore franchise opportunities.
Todays guest is Kim Daly, CEO & Founder of The Daly Coach and Consultant with FranChoice.

Kim has been a franchising consultant for 18 yrs. She grew up in the Miss America pageant circuit, and discovered she really likes helping people. Through FranChoice she helps people buy franchises. This … Read More