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Live in luxury.
Nikki Klugh is the Principal Designer for Nikki Klugh Design Group.

Nikki Klugh Design Group is an interior design company to help you make your space look beautiful. Nikki has been interior designing for 20 years and her team of five have been nation-wide for five years. She implements … Read More

Tell a better brand story.
Today on the show we have Anand Kishore, the Founder and CEO of AspireIQ.

AspireIQ is an SAAS solution based community intelligence marketing platform. For the last 7 years they have been in business creating brands clients will love. AspireIQ empowers brands to identify most important members … Read More

Innovations in compliance.
Todays guest is Tom Fox, known as the Compliance Evangelist and Founder of Compliance Podcast Network.

Tom is an anti-corruption compliance attorney. He was severely injured in an accident in 2010. While recovering he began blogging and learned what social media is. Blogging led to podcasting about compliance. He … Read More

A better car buying process.
On the show today we have Ujj Nath, Chairman and CEO of myKaarma.

MyKaarma is an SAAS platform for automotive service centers to make things run smoother. They support multi-language live texting, and allow you to pay online before arriving at the center. They work with over … Read More

Reach your law firm goals.
Todays guest is Audrey Ehrhardt, Founder and CEO of Practice 42.

Practice 42 is a custom legal marketing & performance coaching company. She became an attorney and then created the company Practice 42 while incorporating the best of both worlds of law and marketing.

Learn more about legal … Read More

Full stack marketing.
Chase Dimond is a partner in Boundless Labs.

Boundless Labs is an email marketing agency. They’ve sent hundreds of millions of email resulting in $35+ million in revenue. They work with about 40 brands, 8 of which are CBD companies.

Learn more about the advantages of email marketing on this … Read More

Skyrocket your revenue.
Wayne Ledoux is Owner & Founder of Ledoux Enterprises.

He started his own inbound sales marketing firm in 2016 focusing on home construction and solar using Facebook & Instagram ads. COVID-19 has caused him to pivot into new industries: cybersecurity and business coaching.

Learn more about high ticket sales and … Read More

Earn profit with purpose.
Michelle Vandepas is Owner & Publisher of GracePoint Publishing.

Michelle is a business coach and leader for any struggling business who needs to get back on their feet. She also helps others launch books, TEDx talks, and more. Her skills in publishing and consulting are endless and readily … Read More

Rebuild, repair, restore.
Kenneth Armbruster is Executive Director and CEO of Renegade Acquisitions.

Renegade Acquisitions is consolidating the crematory and cadaver transport industry. They purchase fire-based crematories to repair and rebuild. Because of the heavy usage, crematories need to be rebuilt & repaired every 6-8 years.

Learn more about Kenneth Armbruster and Renegade … Read More

Discover the power of your full potential.
The guest for today is Todd Palmer, Founder of Extraordinary Advisors.

Todd Palmer is a retired CEO of Diversified Industrial Staffing, author of 2 books, and hired to come in and fix companies. He begins by working with company leadership first. He holds CEOs accountable … Read More

Leads to success.
Matthew Clark is Chief Igniter of The Virtual Edge and Co-Creator of The Rainmaker System.

The Rainmaker System is designed to help clients get 2-5 high-volume LinkedIn leads without paying for ads. He knows how to structure sales systems and processes to generate cash quickly. Using LinkedIn is a … Read More

Conquer the fear, be loud and clear.
Todays guest is Victoria Lioznyansky, Owner & Founder of By Victoria L and Brilliant Speakers Academy.

Victoria was always afraid of public speaking. She learned some techniques to cope with the mindset of public speaking. People began to notice how good and natural she was … Read More

Monitor your media.
Razvan Gavrilas is the Founder of BrandMentions and Cognitive SEO.

BrandMentions is a brand social media tracking tool launched in 2018. They help you gain insight on your brands reputation and connect you with other influencers. Cognitive SEO is a full-featured SEO company designed for SEO professionals and agencies. … Read More

Find your dream job.
Todays guest is Gergo Vari, the Founder and CEO of Lensa.

Lensa is an interactive job search website to find a career right for you. The website has analyzed over 80 million resumes. Lensa helps jobseekers find a job that fits their lifestyle and interests them. Gergo has … Read More

Envision your ideas.
Geordie Wardman is the Founder of OneStopDevShop and WaveReview, and Host of The Big Break Software podcast.

At OneStopDevShop, they take on the vision of your product, and work with you to ensure its success using software development. Over on WaveReview, Wardman runs an SaaS company started in 2013 … Read More

5 New insights in just 5 minutes.
Mike Young is the Founder of The Makeover Master, and host of the Made Over podcast.

Young is a mentor who specializes in businesses who aren’t running well, and can’t seem to figure out why. His podcast, Made Over is all about how he flipped … Read More