Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should NOT become a member?
  • People looking for overnight PR success and instant authority. That's not how it works. Anyone who says otherwise is selling snake oil. If you have a launch coming up, the time to start working is very early in the process. Sadly, many procrastinate and end up paying upwards of $20000 or more to a PR firm and still experience lackluster results because you simply do not have a large & influential support network. You might be better off dumping your $20K into advertising in that scenario.
  • Uninvolved entrepreneurs. When the media and influencers start engaging with you, please respond. If you don't, you will be deemed as unprofessional and you'll be wasting everyone's time. It's okay to use your assistant in many cases, but claiming you are too busy for huge exposure opportunities will keep you from the publicity and authority you seek.
  • Businesses wanting a full-service agency with massive guaranteed national media exposure. Hire a large, prestigious PR firm. They will charge you six figures and may give you what you seek. We build the foundation of fame and authority with you brick by brick. When you are a respected figure in your industry, ongoing exposure becomes much easier and you can have the massive media exposure without the six-figure investment any time you like.
  • Someone who cannot yet invest $399 a month. Please become a student of our blog, podcast appearances, webinars, and everything else we do pro bono. You will soon get to the level where you can start making smart investments in your authority. Once you shift into this ‘fast lane,' there will likely be no looking back.
What if I just want someone to do my PR for me?

Our services are designed to provide maximum ROI – but they do require your involvement for the greatest value. Your internal team likely can do most of the work necessary (at a much lower rate) and you can start escalating your exposure and authority. In our experience as PR agency clients, ourselves, we found ourselves paying $150/hour expert PR rates for what was often $15/hour labor. At UpMyInfluence, we try to do ONLY do the $150/hour stuff.

Another thing that we've seen is that for most SMB (small/medium sized businesses), journalists and influencers do not want to talk to your hired PR guns. They'd rather talk to you. PR folks are generally seen as people who are just paid to sell a story. You, however, ARE the story. So, we try to stay as invisible as possible where it makes sense. 🙂

Many of our members are extremely successful with the amount of support we provide above. If you want more hands-on approach, you can add a PR support package to any of the above membership levels. If you feel that this might be you, schedule a quick chat with us.

How long is the contract?

There is no long contract, service is month to month. Why? We already know you will love it. So we don't have to lock you into a lengthy contract. Also, our service is affordable to startups with limited budgets on a monthly basis.

After trying many other services we found that we needed a great affordable PR service and that didn't exist yet. So for over a decade, we hand-crafted our service to provide exactly what you need, top quality affordable publicity!

Our system is much fairer compared to annual contracts elsewhere. When UpMyInfluence brings you great value, keep using us. If you are ever not happy for any reason simply click ‘cancel' on your membership page. You can upgrade, downgrade, pause, or cancel anytime you like. We guarantee our system. You truly have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

How long is this going to take me?

How much time your PR work will require depends on how ambitious you are in growing your brand. Some of our members spend 20 minutes a week on exposure & authority. Some spend more than ten hours.

UpMyInfluence does much of the ‘behind the scenes' work will give you all the media opportunities you like. If we are getting you opportunities and connections, we would hope that you would take them. It's the path to thought leadership, publicity success, and what feels like automatic growth thanks your highly recognized brand.

Whether you do it yourself, hire a full-time (and full-price) PR firm, or work with UpMyInfluence, someone is going to have to do the work to get these great results. Our philosophy is to focus on the activity that will create the highest return on investment for you and significantly speed up the work you would do yourself. We believe you shouldn't pay endless billable hours for something that could be done yourself at a fraction of the time or cost.

If you absolutely need more time with an PR expert, you can add a support plan at any time. These are custom to your needs. Schedule 30 minutes with us – and together, we'll decide on a perfect package for you.

Why are you better than a regular PR firm?

We won't say better – but we will say ‘different' in a good way. UpMyInfluence is a first of its kind, ‘blue ocean' service. Every PR agency works on a billable hour or retainer model – with the goal of that agency to get clients with deeper and deeper pockets. Pricing is ambiguous — nearly always based on what the agency thinks the client can/will pay. It's possible to pay one firm $3000/mo and another $8000 and get the exact same results. As you see above, we've designed a service that is value-based. An $800 monthly investment should deliver $4000 or more in monthly value, for example – particularly after we've had a few months to work together. UpMyInfluence works with many PR agencies, in fact, as a service provider – allowing them to start delivering more value consistently by white-labeling our service.

Can I get a walkthrough demo?

Sure! Here is a video walkthrough:

Perhaps you just have some questions and want to talk to a person? No prob. Just grab 15 or 30 minutes here.

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