Get Media Inquiries

We will search for media queries that fit your brand, as well as general queries that will get you name recognition as an expert to build authority.

  • First, we’ll spend a few weeks getting to know your voice. We do this by building a library of content from questions you’ve answered, past interviews, your blog, and other digital content you’ve developed. The more sources you can provide, the better.
  • We’ll begin writing media responses as quickly as we can get access to your content. This process takes a few weeks to get up to 100% – and we'll be working very hard to ready your media stardom. Once we get into month 3, we should have a great working relationship together and be scoring consistent placements!
  • Your media responses will be sent to you via our ProWorkFlow email/task system for your feedback and approval before we send them on to media.
  • Once we are both comfortable with responding on your behalf, we can begin submitting responses to media without your feedback/approval if you desire. We will also send queries to you for your input when we don’t have enough information to respond for you.
  • It's very important that you work as quickly as possible to get us a reply. If the response takes longer than an hour, we lose our advantage. For this reason, we recommend assigning someone on your team to pe our point of contact.

Some tips to get maximum value from your Media Placements service:

  • When we alert you to immediate opportunities we need fresh responses to, be fast – our speed is our unfair advantage compared to other (more expensive) PR strategies.
  • Be sure your answers are quotable – well-written, grammatically correct, etc. Please use Grammarly – and/or thoroughly review what you've written. Typos and grammatical errors may cause your work to be rejected.
  • We'll alert you regularly – but you also may want to set Google News Alerts on yourself to ping you when you’re quoted. With our alerts and your own, you want to stay on top of when you’re mentioned to thank journalists and strengthen that new relationship.
  • This is the most important way to max out your value: Push your media placements to your social media & email list – and make sure the journalists see that you are promoting their article. It’s going to lead to them working directly with you in the future, your audience will LOVE the affirmation of your impact, and your audience will be FAR more likely to do business with you as a result – as opposed to the audience who reads about you for the first time.


This is an older video that addresses doing media placements from HARO on your own. You'll learn some great tips about our process and how we can improve our work together.

Note: We no longer offer a ‘done-with-you' service as Josh references in this video. The results were very poor compared to our typical client success working for you.


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