Gold: Create a media list for pitching. Platinum: Pitch me to the media!

Media outlets request form

Tell us what sector (focus) you'd like to pitch yourself to, and we'll get you approximately 100 targeted contacts. (Depending on how specific you are and if you are aiming just regionally or more widely.)

  • GOLD MEMBERS: Fill out the form as completely as possible so we can give you the best possible meda contacts export.

    PLATINUM MEMBERS: We'll do the pitching for you. Please fill out the form completely.

    What to include in your pitch

    • Have a grabby subject line - a little clickbait-y is helpful
    • A timely subject, no one cares unless it is current news
    • Introduce yourself, but make sure you focus on your want to serve and give back.
    • Include why you are qualified to talk about this topic. (You’ve flipped X amount of houses, you wrote a book on it the subject)
    • Provide talking points/ things you can talk about or share with the viewers; give media a STORY idea - don’t make them come up with it - they won’t
    • Conclude with your contact information

    For GOLD - let me give you some tips on how to successfully pitch. Platinum: we got ya.

    • Find what outlets you’d like to target (print, online, radio/TV) All of our members can use our media database - which is linked above - just hover over you name.
    • Remove any outlets you’ve recently been on or collaborated with to avoid spamming - month / your relationship
    • Don’t pitch on Fridays or Monday mornings. Monday afternoon through Thursday afternoon is recommended.
    • Leave at least 3 days between the initial pitch and any follow-up. 3 times total communications
    • Use a mail merge program to track who opened and who didn’t.
    • If you don’t get much interest, change your title and tweak your pitch on attempt #2 - or when reaching out.
    • Pitch VALUE, use what is happening / information people need / why it’s important - NEVER just pitch yourself.
    • Divide your pitch list up into sections and pitch your most desired outlets first; then your 2nd most desired; and so on.
  • The more information we have, the better the results on pulling great matches who will be interested in your pitch.
  • Is it financial? Athletic? Medical?
  • The more information you get us about where you wish to appear, the better we can target your outlet list.