Media Inquiry Placement Concierge

1. Click the green phone button in the lower right-hand corner. (Refresh the page if it's a blue asterisk). You'll need to give permission to access your microphone. Alternately, you can call 1-407-775-2370 and leave your message via phone voice mail.

2. The recording: Please start by stating your name, your company name, the inquiry you are referring to, and then give us the info we need for this placement opportunity.

Pro Tips:

  • Speak as clearly as possible.
  • Slow is good so we can use a machine transcription.
  • Minimize other sounds if you can so we can understand you best.
  • Be concise and stick to the questions or topic the query requests.
  • If there are multiple questions, state each before you address it to help us divide up your answer and present it clearly.

3. We'll transcribe and edit your response into our submission to the journalist.

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