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Set up:

We need a couple quick things…

No email. No texts please. All communication between us needs to be in our shared Slack channel so we don't silo important information.

Let's give you a world-class makeover on LinkedIn so outreach to guests will be 10X more successful.

During our development phase, we'll likely need to sync up 2-4 times. Please schedule as needed/requested.

Week one:

Who is your dream customer?

What's the best content we can use to lure folks into spending time with you?

Let's build the pages on a subdomain (go.domain.com) that links back to your site!

Most podcast guests will consume anything you share because they want to impress your audience. Let's assist them in having an impact!

Week two:

Lead in the relationship and get people past the finish line. You will need to have a step-by-step DAILY process for each person coming through based on where they are in the buying cycle.

Here's how the podcast conversation works – along with a list of 30 questions you can use!

Record our script onto any platform – even a Zoom call with us.

Week three:

Schedule with Josh to record your inaugural episode via Zoom

How we'll produce your show – and all the details you need to know!

How we're going to find all your guests and future customers!

Week four:

Order your podcasts – and we'll start inviting, editing, and publishing!

Before we launch - watch this sales training:

After we're done build-out, here's what happens next! It's the BEST part!

What do you say on all these calls?

What's the goal of all this? How will it change your business forevermore?

What do you do when someone ignores you or no-shows?

How do you identify the guest's learning language?

All the stuff we use and how we use it!

Ongoing training / Masterminds - Do NOT miss these LIVE

The latest research & development around what works in improving your conversion rate and shortening your sales cycles.


Stop losing your best customers! Gain insights into how you can WIN more deals and increase revenue.

Celebrate your guest/customers with 100 pieces of gorgeous custom social media content every month!

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