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Please note: The video on this page and all instructions encourage you to submit solo videos direct to the camera.

Most of our clients now create the first version of their videos in an interview format. Your account manager will coordinate this with you and help you decide which videos to create. In EITHER format, it's critical that you are ready to share great information with your podcast guests – so please watch the videos and read the notes below – and get your personal notes ready for recording!


Please just upload a quick video demoing your video & audio. We're going to recommend your audience get a USB mic for the podcast. A very good microphone/headset can sometimes work – but we'll this video and let you know.


  1. Use your smartphone to record a video of yourself answering the prompt above.
  2. Choose a cool background, great lighting, and a quiet place, and have fun! (watch my video)
  3. ***Do not read these notes on camera. ***
  4. Consider getting a white board and dry erase markers so your animated preview gif catches their attention better!
  5. Familiarize yourself with what to say.
  6. It's totally cool to refer to the next bullet point for a second – and then address the viewer.
  7. We want to see authentic, real, personal video. not rehearsed and staged!
  8. Please start speaking *5* seconds after you hit start recording and don't hit stop recording until *5* seconds after you stop speaking. we will trim the video to look amazing!

Podcast welcome schedule page

  1. Intro yourself, title, 2 sentences about what you do
  2. Intro the problem you solve and who you solve it for
  3. Intro your company, when started, social proof
  4. The reason we are doing this podcast is…
  5. Our host is thrilled to ask you a handful of questions about…
  6. My audience is going to love you – and I’m excited to share the audio & video with you so that your audience will get a chance to see your story and learn more about the great work you do
  7. Fill out the form below along with your social media accounts so we can promote you across all channels
  8. After the podcast interview I look forward to getting you connected with someone on our team to see if maybe it makes sense to work together somehow.
  9. Thanks for being a guest on our show – I can't wait to hear the episode!

Watch my example.


Podcast Guest Form Thanks Confirmation

  1. Thanks so much! here's what to expect next…
  2. Please ensure that this was added to your calendar. We're booking several guests this week – and we have a tight media production schedule. [HOST NAME] is very good at what he/she does – but their budgeted time is very important to me and our whole team.
  3. Make sure you have a location where you can look and sound great. I highly recommend you get yourself a good microphone. Make sure you'll be able to record in a quiet location and make sure the lighting is good.
  4. I'll be sharing 5 short videos with you so you can be wildly successful on our show. I’m emailing you the links and you can actually click below and start watching video #1.
  5. I want to help you have a huge impact – not just on my audience – but yours too – and possibly find some new customers! I can't wait to hear and watch your episode and promote you far and wide!
  6. Click the link below and watch my first video about who our audience is and how to tailor your message for maximum impact!

Watch my example.

Video #1: IMPORTANT: About our audience

  1. Thanks for booking an interview with [Podcast Name].
  2. Introduce yourself and share your podcast experience.
  3. Share with them who will hear this podcast and how many.
  4. Talk about why your audience likes you and the content you normally share with them.
  5. Share a bit about your mission – as it relates to your audience.
  6. Tell them you are here to make them look and sound amazing – and have you share massive value with your audience. These videos will help them do that.
  7. These videos will help them in all video calls and future podcasts they may do.
  8. Remind them to look for video #2 tomorrow – or they can watch it right now by clicking the link below.
  9. Promote video #2! How to look and sound amazing! This will impact their business in a big way. You’ll cover your best tips for video and audio – this is good for any Zoom call.

Watch my example.

Video #2: Some important audio/video tips

  1. Thanks again for booking with PODCAST NAME
  2. Share how the email series is going to help increase the impact of your podcast & video guest appearance.
  3. Share what equipment you are using to record your podcast. Ex. Mic, Camera
  4. Watch the videos below and just free-wheel some of your best advice for looking better on video and sounding better: Lighting, use earpods or external mic (not internal laptop mic), be in quiet place, check background, camera angle, composition.
  5. Review the titles of the emails being sent to them.
  6. ** 1. Who our audience is – and how to tailor your message for maximum impact. (I sent this to you yesterday. Don't forget to watch it.)
  7. ** 2. How to look and sound ahhh…mazing! (this email – watch below)
  8. ** 3. How to sell effectively to my audience.
  9. ** 4. How to get lots of podcast guest spots like mine on other shows. (OR YOUR DOMAIN EXPERTISE VIDEO.
  10. ** 5. How to double your impact + What questions I'll ask you.
  11. Tell them how being on a podcast can be life-changing and cost zero in advertising
  12. Remind them of the video you are sending them tomorrow: “How to sell effectively to my audience.”
  13. Tomorrow's video will not only help you on my show – but the dozens of other shows you'll be on in the future.

Watch my example.

Video #3: How to sell to my audience

  1. Introduce yourself and the podcast name
  2. Remind them that you are sending them 5 amazing videos
  3. Share how to sell effectively to your audience
  4. Talk about why your audience has drawn themselves to you, what they look for, and remind them that you have people in your audience that may be looking to do business with your guest.
  5. Let them know that their STORIES will be the most impactful aspect of drawing your audience to want to connect and engage. (Refer to my video training and example video to learn more on this subject).
  6. Promote tomorrow's video!

Watch my example.

Video #4 Interested in being a guest on other podcasts?

NOTE: We may advise for you to substitute this video with just some great industry education to boost your cred. You'd focus on your unique point of view.

  1. Tell them who you are, your podcast name and that this is your second to final video
  2. Create your authority – How many podcasts have you been on or hosted?
  3. Share how being on podcasts can be beneficial, life-changing, and free advertising
  4. Why it’s important to keep serving audiences
  5. Make sure their Google results look good. LinkedIn, Google My Business, Twitter, etc.
  6. How and why people judge.
  7. How important first impressions are
  8. Make sure their headshot is up to date and looking professional
  9. Share why it’s important to build your authority
  10. Remind them that video number five is coming tomorrow

Watch my example.

Video #5: Here are the questions I'll likely ask you

  1. In this video, I’m going to tell you what I’m going to ask you.
  2. Teach them the value of authority.
  3. Teach them the value of sharing their podcast appearance heavily to their own audience – who already knows, likes, trusts them. Get them excited about how they will respond.
  4. Tell them what you are going to ask them.
  5. a. “Tell me what (YOUR COMPANY) does?”
  6. b. “How did you get into that?” (be ready with your story)
  7. c. Then we’ll talk about some of the impact that you have today.
  8. d. We will get into some of your domain expertise. What you know like the back of your hand.
  9. e. I'd love to find out what you plan on doing over the next couple years.
  10. f. We’ll probably get into some other maybe personality stuff, like what you’re into and other outcomes like that.
  11. It will be a super fun 20-min call
  12. Share some more facts and figures about when this is going to be published, what to expect.
  13. Hey! After the podcast, I'd love to grab 30 min to see if it makes sense to work together in some way.
  14. Thank them for watching your videos
  15. You are looking forward to having your team interview them.

Watch my example.

Set The Sales Appointment Video

This is the video that will be sent from YOUR scheduler when our podcaster books the guest with you for yoru discovery call. I try to keep it really short 30 to 60 seconds would be fine. If it goes to a 90 seconds to 2 minutes, that's fine. Do NOT be salesy! Stay light and friendly.

Create a whiteboard and put THANK YOU on the board. Use BombBomb!

  1. Hey, I just want to say thank you so much for being a guest on our podcast we're really excited to share your story with our audience.
  2. By now you know what we do. If not I have included some thinks below for a quick overview so maybe we could talk at a little bit higher level?
  3. I'm really excited to learn about you.
  4. I'll have some notes from your podcast interview, so I'll make sure to take a look at that so that we can kind of both go into the conversation with a little bit of background on what we each do.
  5. If you have any questions you can actually hit reply to this email.
  6. Email me if you have any questions or if anything comes up.
  7. I really looking forward to chatting!
  8. Thank you so much again for being a guest and I am very excited to explore maybe a potential partnership or something.
  9. Thanks so much. Take care.

Watch my explanation video.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why make the videos?

This is all about your potential customer building a relationship with you – so that you can move ahead much more efficiently. If you do NOT provide these ‘get to know me' videos, you will have a fraction of the sales.

Without ‘seeding' the ideas of working together, you will need to have (at least) twice as many sales calls to earn their trust.

You will find that your dream customer will actually spend a great deal of time – consuming your content – IF it is something that is beneficial for them. Offering to make them look good in front of your audience is a huge value offer.

You'll see that after consuming this video content, your customer will have a great deal of familiarity with you. We like this! This familiarity will lead to improvements in nearly every sales metric.

How long should the videos be?

They can be as short as 60 seconds if you can squeeze it all in. Surprisingly, your audience will likely watch whatever you send. Some of our clients spend a good 6+ minutes on each video. It's totally your call.

Can I just read a script?

Unless you are set up with a teleprompter and you can deliver via a prompter in a VERY professional and experienced manner, resist the urge! This video should be VERY personal and authentic. It is totally okay to refer to your notes heavily as you address the audience directly. Just mention that you are referring to notes to ensure you don't forget anything.

How will the video emails be dispersed?

When someone books the pre-interview or interview, the series will be sent via email. We will send the edification videos each day for five days. We want them to get this info prior to their big podcast appearance. Confirmation and appointment reminder emails will also be sent.

Additionally, they can access video 1 on the schedule confirmation page. They will then be able to access all videos in the edification series – in case they want to ‘binge-watch' them. It happens!

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