1082 – The Balance Between Automation and Relationship Building with Time on Target’s Kevin Snow

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks to veteran and the founder of Time On Target, Kevin Snow. 

Time On Target was originally launched as a public speaking and training company to train businesses on networking and sales. After being launched, Kevin was deployed with the Army overseas. With that, he had to pivot and then began offering prospecting services. He focused on tech firms and helping companies grow and optimize their sales teams. From there, Time On Target niched down even more and now they focus on helping companies discover how they sell and how their buyers make buying decisions. They add technology and automation to make things run faster so that sales teams have optimized ease of use. 

Kevin shares that building relationships is still extremely important when it comes to sales. You can’t assume your sales teams can cultivate good relationships – they sometimes jump too quickly to the sales processes. This is a byproduct of the environment of COVID. When we’re not interacting face to face, it’s harder to build those personable relationships. Kevin shares that he had to manually build in the “relationship” process into his sales funnel. You need to ask questions and actually get to know these leads. From there, you can educate them on where they could improve or automate, and this trust and expertise will lead to sales far more often. 

Josh and Kevin also share how being an introvert is actually a strength in the sales process. Introverts are curious, good listeners and are detail-oriented. Utilizing these skills helps you dig deeper so you can actually sell a real solution, not what you assume they need. You need to build your solutions to serve the lead first and foremost – a cookie cutter approach isn’t going to see success. It’s a lengthy process and it requires dedication and attention to detail, but you have to sell from a place of service first. Sales aren’t about convincing people, it’s about helping them know, like, and trust you AND your authority. 

If you can solve problems, that’s great, but listen to your market first. Ask yourself how many meaningful conversations you can have in a day and try your best to hit that target. Don’t pitch to someone – listen to them and offer a tangible solution. Accept that not everyone will be a fit for your solution and don’t chase and force leads that just aren’t fits. That’ll detract from your business’s value. Be a true solution provider and only pursue leads you can deeply serve. 

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