How to Look and Sound ahhh…mazing!

Thanks, again, for booking a pre-interview with The Thoughtful Entrepreneur.

To help you do lots of great business and have a huge impact with your appearance, I'm emailing you five amazing videos and resources that will help you increase the impact of your podcast & video guest appearance.

In the video below, I reference an epic blog post that outlines all the equipment and software I use for audio and video. Warning. I SERIOUSLY geek out on this stuff!

  1. Who our audience is – and how to tailor your message for maximum impact.
  2. How to look and sound ahhh…mazing!
  3. How to sell effectively to my audience.
  4. How to get lots of podcast guest spots like mine on other shows.
  5. How to double your impact + What questions I'll ask you.

Being a guest on podcasts can be life-changing. We do zero advertising. I just serve audiences. This philosophy helped me create more than $6 million in sales with my other company SavingsAngel with next to zero advertising.

Please look for tomorrow's video: How to sell effectively to my audience.

Can you believe I'm telling you this??

I hope you had plans to create new business from our time together. Tomorrow's video will not only help you on my show – but the dozens of other shows you'll be on in the future.

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