Media Placement Package

pitching to the media

Responsive Media Placements

Go from feeling INVISIBLE to being SEEN and CELEBRATED! There are dozens of opportunities for you to get amazing media placements every month. Historically, you've likely been missing out on these. As a result, your perfect audience hasn't yet learned about you – or gained trust in your brand. You've missed out on the authority. Your conversion isn't as high as it could be. The Media Inquiry Placement service can change this!

We get more than 100 media opportunities a day. We've got many that would be perfect for you. Let us become your digital media placement department! We'll respond on your behalf. We'll let you know every time we get a great opportunity, grab a quote from you and get it back to the journalist! We may, also, be able to pull the content directly from your blog. Unlike traditional public relations, this is a month-to-month service with no contracts. We also have a 30-day money-back guarantee that you'll be delighted with our mutual success. We've facilitated thousands of media placements over the years. We can turn you, too, into a media celebrity! $1399/mo

Targeted daily media inquiry alerts - Journalists need YOUR help right now.

Proactive Media Placements

Pitching the media to grow your visibility helps you get seen. Many public relations firms charge big money to advocate for you and ‘sell your story.' We take a different approach and it ends up delivering a far better return on investment for our clients.

If you want to connect with media, we've got contacts, systems, and processes that work. If you are looking for more effective influencer outreach, we take a different approach than the ‘spray and pray' method that most influencer marketing and PR agencies take. Be very careful! Spamming journalists and influencers no longer works. It's expensive, ineffective, and ruins your brand reputation. Sadly, it's still the norm for many PR firms.

Here's our process:

1. We count on you (or someone on your team) to create a draft of a pitch after we strategize – since you will know your subject matter better than us.
2. We will edit the pitch.
3. We will strategize on IDing contacts.
4. We will research and create a Google spreadsheet of names, phone numbers, email addresses, social media or intended contacts (up to 100/mo)
5. You (or someone on your internal team) should serve as the point of contact. 3rd party PR representation has been getting less and less effective (and more expensive). Journalists would rather hear directly from you. This makes the connection far more authentic. We'll advise on doing a simple (non-spammy) mail-merge or you can just email each contact directly.
6. We will advise on any communication with journalists/influencers and advise on follow-up process when/if you do or do not hear back.

We've been testing our method for 5+ years. It works FAR more effectively than completely outsourcing your outreach.

The best part? Our rate is 1/5th what a normal PR firm of our experience would charge. $799

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