Better B2B Lead Generation

Better B2B Lead Generation

When it comes to B2B communication you should really have one goal, getting to people with the power to make decisions as quickly as possible. Traditional B2B communication doesn’t really do that. Think about it, how many white papers do you want to read. 

Instead of trying to use traditional marketing techniques to generate leads with other businesses, try to think about how you would want to be contacted. After all, as a business owner, you’re dealing with a lot of the same stresses and pressures as the decision-makers in the business community. 

That means leveraging techniques that motivate businesses to pay attention and creating a relationship before you ever try to pitch your products or services. 

Value-First Lead Generation

While businesses can always use worthwhile business relationships and connections with other professionals, most successful businesses get a lot of pitches for those relationships too. That puts a premium on the time they're willing to give any pitch and means a lot of missed opportunities if you aren't getting their attention right away. 

Rather than sending over a bunch of paperwork or a video pitch, consider what you can offer them first. Do you have an audience you think would be really interested in what they do? How can you boost their profile to your audience? 

The first question you should be asking yourself when it comes to B2B communication is ‘what can I do for you?’ because they’ll want that answer as quickly as possible. 

This kind of outreach will immediately gather more business attention because it's so different from traditional marketing techniques. If you lead with a value offer you’re already positioning yourself as a more valuable contact than most. 

Relationship Focused Networking

Instead of rushing straight to a pitch, one way you can approach B2B communication is to focus on building familiarity and relationships first. Think about the last networking event you attended. Networking is at its best when people form relationships and connections, even if they aren’t professionally useful right away. 

Having the right connections can help you find customers, promotional events, and other ways to boost your business down the line. Those are the kinds of benefits you can reap when you think about fostering connection first. 

That’s why value-first lead generation is so effective. By providing an immediate value to another business you’re also positioning yourself as a good relationship to have. That’s useful even if you don’t move forward with the business you’re talking with. 

Leverage Social Media And Word Of Mouth

One place where B2B communication doesn’t have to be different from B2C communication is social media. Most successful businesses pay attention to social media too, so it’s a good place to start building awareness and trust. 

Approach social media and digital media (like podcasts or videos) the same way you would approach a business directly. Offer value up-front in your posts and media and see what happens. 

Businesses will respond when they see real value online. The value of your online presence will help tell them about your business as a whole, and make them wonder what you might have to bring to the table if they worked with you. 

Social media is also a great way to forge connections with your competitors. Even if you never turn those relationships into business partnerships, it's useful to be well-respected within your community.