Generate More Leads With Video

Generate More Leads With Video 

Most people know that video is one of the most engaging kinds of content you can produce. Your customers are relatively likely to click on a video, and a lot more likely to connect with and act on video-based content. 

There’s just a couple of problems. Bad video isn’t a good form of communication. Your customers aren't interested in rambling scripts, grainy pictures, or low-quality audio and may actually lose trust in your business if you produce low-quality videos. 

More importantly, customers are a lot more likely to connect to the right video. A video of your CEO juggling probably isn’t going to help generate leads until you’re selling juggling lessons. 

Here's how you can produce videos that aren't just entertaining and engaging, but that actively increase your business's leads and attract motivated customers. 

Define Your Dream Audience

The first step toward making a more engaging and effective video is figuring out who you’re talking to. If your audience is everyone who clicks on your video chances are it isn’t going to generate as many leads as a targeted video that appeals to your dream customers. 

Defining your dream audience can be difficult, but the more detailed and specific you can get, the more likely you are to succeed. Think about this on a company level and on a video level. At the company level, who are the people most likely to benefit from your offers? At the video level, which members of your community are most likely to benefit from the video you’re about to produce. 

Talk directly to that audience. Don’t try to generalize or provide unnecessary definitions and background. Some videos may be meant for people who are new to your company, and it’s okay to include a few more explanations in those videos. But if you’re sending out a video to repeat clients you probably don’t need to explain what you do and what services you offer every time. 

Make Your Videos Easy To Find

If your goal is to generate leads you should make your content as easy to find as possible. That means leveraging a lot of different ways to communicate with your audience. If you have an email list, use it. Post your videos on social media, on your website, and on every relevant page. 

As long as you make sure the content is relevant and useful, people won't mind seeing the same video crop up in a few different places. But your audience may get irritated if it's hard to find a video they want to watch, or that they want to show others. 

The easier it is to find your video content the more leads it will generate. 

Provide Relevant Valuable Information

Lastly, a high-quality video that isn’t relevant to you and your customers isn’t going to generate a lot of leads. It might be fun to film your team’s latest team-building activities, but those kinds of videos are going to have a limited relevant audience. 

Don’t produce video content for its own sake. If you’re going to put the time into creating a video, make sure there’s a good reason and it’s providing real value to your audience. 

Remember, the more valuable your company is before your audience makes a purchase the more highly they’ll value that purchase. The more you can build trust in your expertise and knowledge the less likely your customers are to deal with buyer’s remorse and the happier they are likely to be with your offers.