Leverage Social Media For Lead Generation

Leverage Social Media For Lead Generation

Social media is a fantastic tool for communicating with your audience and generating leads for your business. The problem is that social media can also be fast-moving, hard to control, and harder to stand out in. 

Knowing how to use social media to generate useful leads is one of the best skills you could have to grow your business, but it’s not as simple as posting a few statuses a week. 

Here are some tricks to help you turn your presence on social media into leads for your business. 

Make Your Content Relevant And Interesting

The first step to generating leads on social media is to stay focused on what’s relevant to your audience. To do that you need to know who your audience is, or, more specifically, who your dream customers are. These are the people you want to talk to. 

Try to limit posts to when you have something valuable and interesting to say. That might mean posting news articles related to your business, product and service updates, and the occasional web event, or it might mean posting tips and tricks and other useful content. 

Anyone can post relevant and interesting content. For instance, imagine a burger restaurant’s social media page. An interesting post from them might be teaching people how to make a better burger at home. 

Why would learning how to make a better burger make people want to go to a burger restaurant? To see if they could get an even better burger of course. 

Share Testimonials

Staying relevant and interesting on social media goes a long way to build trust and authority with your audience, but you can do even more. 

Posting testimonials give your audience someone to listen to other than you, and potentially someone more trustworthy. Most people assume that testimonials are true and honest, it's one of the main reasons we all look at product reviews before buying anything online. So take advantage of that trust and post testimonials when you get them.

Host Virtual Events 

Nothing can help connect your business to your audience more than interacting with them directly. Hosting virtual events, from announcements to workshops or Q&A sessions can help boost engagement and visibility on social media, leading to more leads for you. 

Listen and Respond

A lot of businesses make a fairly simple mistake on social media, they aren’t listening. The problem is that your audience doesn’t expect you to treat social media only as a way to communicate with them. Your audience wants to communicate with you

Paying attention to your audience on social media and responding, especially when they are offering feedback, is one of the best ways to build a lead-generating relationship with them. 

Boost Your Transparency

Social media runs on the perception of authenticity, even for businesses. That means that transparency and giving your audience open and honest updates can go a long way toward building trust with them, even if aren’t always being exciting. 

As long as you stay genuine and try to offer real value in your posts, whether it’s an update or talking about recent trends in your business, your customers will engage. And the more engagement you can win the more leads you’re likely to earn.