Workshop To Generate Leads

Workshop To Generate Leads

Online workshops are a pretty common element of sales funnels and other techniques to win leads and boost conversions, but what if you stripped away all of the extras? What if your company’s workshops were freely available to anyone interested in participating? 

Here’s the truth, they’d still generate leads. 

Better yet, offering a free easy-to-access online workshop will probably help generate more trust in your business than offering one through a sales funnel. Why would it be more effective? 

Simple, offering easy-to-access workshop without the sales funnel or other tricks builds trust with your audience. 

Here's how you can use workshops to generate high-quality leads for your business. 

Know Your Audience

The first thing you need to know to create an effective workshop is who you’re targeting. How much information do you expect them to have and how technical should you be? What kind of information will appeal to them most, and how do you make it relevant to their needs?

These kinds of questions will help you hone in not just on topics, but your presentation style, what kind of information you need ahead of time, and how often you should recap or give your audience some time to think. 

Offer Real Value

Once you’ve taken some time to evaluate your audience, you should also go over the details of your workshop to make sure you’re offering them something of value. Most workshops are designed to offer information or a new process to accomplish goals, but that doesn’t have to be your intent.

The only requirement is that your audience come away thinking that it was a great idea to attend that workshop. 

Remember, even a free workshop has a cost: time. You need to make sure that time is well spent or won’t build trust or generate leads for your business. 

Make Your Workshop Actionable

The best workshops aren’t lectures, they’re actionable. Once you know your audience you can address a problem that they’re trying to solve, that’s where the value comes in. If you can take it one step further and give your audience actionable steps to help address that problem you’ll get a lot more leads. 


Simple, giving your customers the steps to solve their problems builds confidence and positions you as an authority that can really help. That way you're starting to build a relationship with your audience that will motivate them to buy from you later, and trust that what they're buying will be similarly valuable. 

Know What Makes You Unique

Most businesses have competitors. It’s just a fact of business and entrepreneurship. That means that your competitors might have similar workshops, or might put one out in the future. That’s why it’s important to hone in on what makes you, and your workshop, unique and worthwhile. 

Knowing what makes you unique goes back to knowing your audience. What part of their identity and needs are you addressing in a way your competition isn’t. Use that information to guide your workshop and make it more focused and helpful.

Make Your Workshop Easy To Find

Say you’ve already taken all of these steps and you still aren’t getting workshop participants. Chances are the problem isn’t with the quality of your workshop itself, chances are your workshop isn’t widely available to its target audience. 

If you want to generate leads you need to reach new potential customers. 

Take some time to research relevant ways to help your workshop reach new customers. Post on social media, repost, boost the workshop on your website. 

Once you've got the word out there you should also make it easy to register for your workshop. If you want to generate leads you should make sure your audience can get to your workshop, and from your workshop to your main website, in as few clicks as possible.