Our services: Increase your online visibility to increase your profits

What would you do with 10X more authority & influence in your space?
Authority is a currency and as you earn it with your UpMyInfluence membership, you can cash it in to enjoy...
  • More profitable launches
  • Bigger speaking fees
  • More industry respect
  • Higher conversion rates
  • More revenue
It is ABSOLUTELY imperative you book a quick discovery call TODAY or schedule to attend our webinar if you want to work with us in the next 4-6 weeks. That's our current waiting list. The clients who book out ahead are so much more prepared than those who try to squeeze something in last minute.
Pre-requisites: An existing business that is currently bringing in revenue, a willingness to outsource and/or hire team members (VA’s, developers, etc.), and a growth budget available. Client must be willing to meet regularly for strategy sessions.


Increase your online visibility to increase your profits:


If you want to be respected, you need to communicate 100% authority online. This is what we'll work on together:

Press kit

A well-created and updated press kit will show that you are someone that is sought after by the media and will help you be treated like an authority in your space.

Get Twitter famous

You are being judged by the media and influencers based on your twitter presence. It's not an optional social media platform if you want to work with journalists. Not to worry. We'll take care of this and make you look like a Twitter rock star.

LinkedIn authority

You are regularly being vetted on LinkedIn by potential customers, infuencers, investors, and partners. We'll make sure they love what they see so they'll engage with you.

Website authority review

Your website is being judged… harshly. Learn exactly what is repelling journalists, influencers, and your customers. Boost your conversion rate and success with media!

Your online reviews

Everyone reads reviews before engaging. Media and influencers will read yours. We'll make sure you look loved by your customers and industry.

If you could 10X your authority over the next year, what would that be worth to you?
Learn what thought-leaders already know about being everywhere:


In the year ahead, you will start thinking like a high-authority influencer.

Total media domination video course

Josh Elledge has been in the media over 2000 times and will reveal exactly what to do and say to become a king or queen of all media. As you regularly score media placements, you can become a household name and your audience will love you and want to do business with you.

We train your VA or team

Save the $150/hour you'd spend on a PR pro. We are going to train your team to do share your story far and wide – while leveraging our platform.

Twitter Publicity Mastery Video Course

More connections. More traffic. More sales. We will reveal our step-by-step process for connecting with influencers and growing a following of customers and fans.

Alerts when you are mentioned

Alerts whenever and wherever you are mentioned allow you to take advantage of opportunities and address issues.

Media training

Whether you’re being interviewed for TV, print, radio, podcast, or online video, your media training session will help you feel more comfortable on camera and rock the interview! This means more sales and bigger media opportunities.

If you could think and act exactly like a media influencer, what would that be worth to you?
Increase your online visibility to increase your profits:


Let's bring your message to the world and turn you into a household name.

Media database

Instantly search 6400 newspapers (dailies and weekly – including ethnic publications), more than 1200 TV stations, 10,500+ radio stations, 2300 magazines, and email addresses for 20,000 podcasters.

Media alerts

We scan the latest media requests from journalists for you. We also coach you on exactly what to say. We have members who have scored over 50 media & influencer mentions in one month, alone. A couple well-placed expert quotes could help you earn thousands of dollars in new sales.

Pitch alerts

Want ideas on what to pitch? We've got you covered. Our ideas will inspire activity. That activty will get you SEEN in the media and help you become a household name.

We promote you!

We’re going to brag about all your success to our own huge audience. We’ve got 60,000 social media fans – and we want to let them know all about you. It’s a great way to get easy fans of your own.

Enhanced media alerts

Beyond regular media alerts (above), we’ll also personally email you when we see opportunities to work with influencers you need to jump on. Don’t ever miss a great opportunity again. Save time and get more media!

Get media personal contact info

Each month, you can request up to 100 names, phone numbers, email addresses, and other important contact information for influencers who are in the media – or digital media – including big name bloggers.

Promoted to 4000+ podcasters

We’ve got an opt-in list of over 4000 podcasters and we're going to be actively promoting you to them! This should result in podcast interviews starring you on a regular basis. This is fantastic SEO. This is great authority building. And this is great for business and revenue.

150 guaranteed media placements via press release

The ‘as seen on’ media logos you’ll be able to add to your website with your first press release, alone, are likely going to increase your revenue by 8%-15% – because of what it will do to your conversion rate and instant perceived authority.

We pitch you to the media

We do the scary, painful, and time-consuming work that you might otherwise not want to do. Pitching takes a great deal of time and patience. However, we'd love to help amplify your great content idea – identifying the sources who would work best. As a result, we can certainly help you bring your message to the world.

We pitch you to podcasters

We’re going to personally pitch you to podcasters via email each month. These connections are highly curated and thought out – and are going to result in keeping a pretty active schedule of being interviewed as a thought leader on podcasts.

How many more lucrative partnerships and sales will happen as you become a media celebrity? Exposure is everything.
With a powerful support team, you'll be unstoppable.


Don't do this alone. We'll save you from more rejection and expensive, time-wasting mistakes!

Live office hours

Need help with your sales funnel, media kit, or anything else? During Office Hours LIVE, you can ask any and all questions related to digital marketing & PR. This is a huge benefit that can speed up your digital marketing efforts.

Influencer growth community

Stop trying to do PR all alone. Reward yourself as a business owner with a network of support! Find out what is working from others who are growing their media influence.

Email access

You don’t have to do this alone. You can rest on our confidence. You now have your own communications & growth department with UpMyInfluence and we're here to help.

Fifteen minute progress check-in (benchmark) calls

15-minute progress check-in call with one of our publicity and authority experts when you need them. The goal of these calls is to answer any questions you have, check in together on the progress of our work together, and discuss next steps. We want you to get crazy value from your membership.

Coach and review your pitches to the media

It's time to start reaching out to influencers: in the media, social media celebrities, public speaking decision makers, potential joint venture partners. One wrong phrase and you could lose a life-changing opportunity! We will advise you on what to say and how to respond in these very important opportunities.

30-minute 1-on-1 coaching session monthly

30-minute, one-on-one calls with one of our publicity and authority experts. We’ll answer all your questions, give you strategy, review your progress, and give you direction so you can become a household name.

You will have a ridiculous amount of access to the best coaches on the planet for your quest to become a media celebrity.