We Grow your own Authority, Influence and Revenue
Free download: Authority and Influencer Marketing Resources + Stream Video Series on getting PR and Influencer Sales

Go from being invisible to being seen and celebrated.
What if the number one reason people are not buying from you is you don’t have enough social proof from being in the media!
Let our Influencer and media platform help you get the wow factor which happens after you get media coverage.
As we build your authority, we can fill up your sales schedule.
Our members have been featured in nearly every media outlet including:
Guaranteed PR firm results. Guaranteed B2B Sales.
Become an influencer with more authority for speaking
Own & grow your authority as an influencer with more social proof, powerful associations, and success indicators.
Grow your social media audience and website traffic for better influencer marketing
Attract and expand your audience by getting the media and influencers to promote you.
You use your influence and authority to get higher sales, conversions, and partnership opportunities.
We create 7-figures in B2B sales for our clients with ZERO paid ads.

Josh Elledge (founder) is a respected authority on influencer and authority marketing - speaking at dozens of industry conferences including:

UpMyInfluence logo: We believe every startup entrepreneur has a message that can positively impact the world. Our platform can increase your authority and influence with growth hacking PR / Public Relations tactics for more revenue and industry respect. Own & grow your expertise online and rise with our movement!
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