About UpMyInfluence

We believe YOU deserve the chance to positively and profoundly influence the world with your message.

For too long, the path to authority and influence has been paved by traditional public relations firms– a great option for large corporations with huge budgets and plenty of time on their hands. Not nearly as effective for the millions of other businesses, brands and entrepreneurs that need more bang…. for less buck.

At Upmyinfluence, we’ve created an antidote to this old-guard model! Our system is designed to totally disrupt and democratize the PR industry, giving users a platform to gain influence and the guts to claim their own authority.

The UpMyInfluence platform harnesses the power of agency-level tools and allows influencers and their teams the ability to collaborate with us through our strategic PR framework.

The Upmyinfluence team is totally and utterly committed to empowering others to take charge of their narratives, building loyal audiences and profitable businesses.

Core Values + Value Narratives

No good treasure hunt starts without a map. And no good business should start without one either! At UpMyInfluence, everything we do is guided by 5 core values designed to keep us on course no matter where we roam. We hope our “map” will not just resonate with you–but prompt you to think about what’s guiding your brand and business as well.


We aim to empower all to get their voices heard.


We coach our members own and grow their own expertise & wisdom.


We empower our clients to serve the world with their messages to create the biggest impact.


We are constantly challenging the status quo with everything we do.

Human Connection

We harness the power of relationships to create sustainable collaboration.

Want more Authority and Influence?

Picture of Josh Elledge on TV. Josh started UpMyInfluence to help startup entrepreneurs get more media buzz.Josh Elledge, Chief Executive Angel of SavingsAngel.com has…

  • Been on TV and radio more than 2000 times in more than 100 different cities
  • Owned a newspaper
  • Writes a syndicated column to 1.1 million readers
  • Has created more than $8 million in free advertising for his company.
  • Has taught tens of thousands of entrpreneurs how to do the same thing

UpMyInfluence.com (previously known as upendPR) is a platform that uses PR-related strategies to get our members lots of publicity and authority. Our members become high-authority experts that the media and other influencers seek after for partnerships and to promote. It doesn't matter if you are a tech startup, author, artist, or athlete. The rules are the same and they all equate to one thing:

When you get lots of great media attention and buzz, you become a media celebrity. High-authority celebrities attract more money, more traffic, and more sales for the products they represent.

The more your audience sees you, the more they will trust and like you. You'll gain an incredible digital reputation. Investors will pay more attention. Customers will respect your authority in your industry. Your segments, stories, and content will get shared far and wide throughout the web – all doing its job to increase your authority, traffic, sales, and profits.

What you'll learn

Success requires exposure

Have you ever felt that you would someday get on TV? Be quoted in major publications? Be talked about in households across the country?

I have something to tell you that celebrities and successful entrepreneurs know.

If you want to be on TV, radio, established press, and large digital media outlets, you can't just build a business from behind your keyboard and expect to be recognized. Entrepreneurs need to MAKE their publicity happen. We do this for our members.

Gaining authority through publicity is not incredibly difficult – but it takes tools, resources, relationships, and expertise to speed up the process. That's what UpMyInfluence has. We turn entrepreneurs into media celebrities. Their authority opens up opportunities to work with very successful entrepreneurs. As a result, marketing and attraction of customers feel as though it's on autopilot. New business opportunities regularly happen because of the value of our members' networks.

A vast majority of business owners fail at this – and are potentially missing out on millions in sales because their startup just isn't well known.

How Josh bootstrapped a 7-figure a year business.

Prior to Josh launching SavingsAngel.com, he laid the groundwork by making many friends in the media. Because he knew the rules of working with journalists and other influencers, 18 of 20 outlets he chatted with said YES to helping him launch his company with NO out of pocket costs on his end.

Bottom-line: If he didn't get the help from the media, his company would never have gotten off the ground.

This is what fuels us, here at UpMyInfluence. There are countless great ideas and budding entrepreneurs who have what it takes to become successful. The only thing missing is customers and sales. A successful, ongoing media campaign and regular connections to influencers can solve this at a fraction the cost of paid advertising.

Why there's never been a better time than now

More than ever before, if you produce great digital content, large influencers (particularly those in news departments) want to talk to you! However, it's critical that you know what to say and more importantly, what not to say!

UpMyInfluence.com is designed to find the right influencers for you and make it happen faster than most public relations firms. The secret to PR and influencer marketing is to not only act as an expert for your company – but as an expert for your industry as a whole. Influencers respect other influencers. This can save you from having to pay $30K+ to get a big social media star to mention your product to their audience. Influencers work together all the time. Our job is to help make you one – so that you get access to the same benefits.

Technology has improved. Business has improved. Access to journalists and influencers has improved. However, many entrepreneurs I've spoken with have expressed frustration with a PR industry who has not evolved to meet the needs of the lean startup and ambitious entrepreneurs. We created UpMyInfluence to be the service that we needed for nearly a decade but did not exist.

Be prepared BEFORE reaching out to influencers

This part is so critical. I cannot overemphasize how important it is that you are ready before you contact influencers or your local media. You will be judged based on what you are showing the world in terms of your authority. Sadly, most influencers will never tell you why they chose not to reply to your email. But it almost always comes down to what you are communicating. You need an experienced eye to help you shine.

As an UpMyInfluence.com member, you'll have the tools to gain the trust of journalists, influencers, writers, and producers. Trust us. They are looking for some very specific things and if you don't have them in place, don't even expect a reply. They don't have time to waste on amateurs. We want to make sure this never happens again.

UpMyInfluence is disrupting 'old school' public relations.

You can spend a lot of money to hire a public relations expert to get you placed in your local newspaper or TV news. I spent $25,000 in PR fees. PR people are some of the nicest people in the world. Most are excellent at what they do. As a small-business owner or startup entrepreneur, however, there is a major problem: you generally cannot afford to buy what you would truly need with the old-school PR agency model. And… a half-hearted PR attempt is a waste of money. A. Huge. Waste.

UpMyInfluence.com is disrupting this system for anyone looking to create lots of buzz and authority for their business. Our approach to growing connections and exposure through PR is based on what works best: efficient systems that instantly improve what you'll be judged on. These things are what will mean the difference between a ‘no' and a ‘yes.' You'll learn what you need to create the relationships and perceived authority that will grow your business. Our system has been working for hundreds of other UpMyInfluence members. It will work for you.

Meet the team


Josh Elledge

Founder / Chief Executive Officer

Josh Elledge believes that every person has a message that can positively impact the world.
He's the Founder and Chief Executive Angel of SavingsAngel.com®, and is one of the nation’s leading experts on consumer savings.

Josh is a dynamic public speaker, the host of a very popular consumer savings podcast, a weekly syndicated columnist for nine newspapers (with more than 1.1 million readers), on a number of radio stations, and regularly appears on more than 75 TV stations across the country.

All told, Josh has appeared in radio, TV, digitial news, or print more than 2000 times. This media dominance led to more than $6 million in revenue – with less than $500 invested in advertising.

“With great power comes great responsibility,” said Uncle Ben, so Josh started serving local startups pro bono in his adopted hometown of Orlando, FL. The business owners Josh mentored started getting more publicity (and sales) and they started asking to hire him on a regular basis. That's how UpMyInfluence was born. Today, UMI is a global movement – equalizing the playing field for thoughtful entrepreneurs everywhere.

Josh is a U.S. Navy veteran, a dad of 3 awesome kids, a self-proclaimed fitness geek, and performs improv comedy. SEE JOSH'S MEDIA KIT



Director of Operations

As a child, Rachel could never whistle. Blame it on the cold, chapped lips of a Michigander. When she finally learned how as an adult, becoming a professional whistler became her dream. But, alas, even though she could finally make some sound, it was far from harmonious. So she turned her dream to making harmonious words instead.

Rachel works as the Director of Operations for UpmyInfluence and has been here through lots of growth and changes but still loves copy editing, pitch writing, and article writing. She helps write the syndicated newspaper column for SavingsAngel.com and has written scripts for podcasts. She's also handled customer service, content creation, affiliate and sponsor requirements, and media requests for both companies.

When she's not working, Rachel homeschools her son and practices her whistling now that she, her husband, and their son reside in Tennessee.


Keriann Roe

Project manager

Keriann Roe started college at Brigham Young University in 2012 with a dream of wanting to become a high school biology teacher. Hundreds of dollars in textbooks later and about twelve minutes into Bio 130, her dream quickly changed from Biology to literally anything but science. After floundering through several majors, she found her passion for communications and graduated with a Bachelor’s in Communications with an emphasis in advertising and communication management in December of 2016.

Joining UpmyInfluence as an intern in early 2017, Keriann quickly learned the ropes of being on a PR team. She now works as a project manager for UpmyInfluence, where she writes, edits, manages and does whatever her masters ask of her. She also dabbles into nonprofit work with Feeding Children Everywhere and spends a good portion of her time on their travel team helping run service projects.


Podcasting & social media manager

According to her social media bios, Jennifer is an executive producer of awesomeness. She’s a geeky, Catholic, married podcast producer who has kids and cats.

Jennifer went to college right out of high school but did not move beyond an Associate’s Degree because her ideal major didn’t yet exist. She opted to get married, have kids, and homeschool instead of getting a degree in nothing. In 2017, she earned her B.A. in Communications: New Media from Southern New Hampshire University.

Jennifer’s career in podcasting began in broadcasting, as a volunteer call screener turned traffic reporter on a small community radio station. She moved up to being production manager and podcast producer before joining UpMyInfluence (UMI) in late 2016.

Jennifer oversees all things podcasting for UMI; from finding interview opportunities for clients and networking with industry professionals to producing UMI's own shows! As a member of the Social Media Marketing Society, Jennifer keeps her fingers on the pulse of what's happening in social media and assists our team in the same.

When not working, she can be found napping with one or more of her four cats.



Chief Connections Manager

Eric Tatro is our Chief Connections Manager because…he’s so damn nice.

Eric has over 10 years experience in commercial real estate management, overseeing up to 1.3 million square feet of office space in the San Francisco, California, and Dallas, Texas markets. Eric is well rounded in working with operations, contracting, budgeting, accounting, construction, leasing and especially all the relationships involved in successful operations.

Currently living in Saint Augustine, Florida, he hails from Plainwell, Michigan where he hung out with Josh in High School. Eric remembers when Josh was a school DJ, an anchor on a local morning news channel and when he had perfected the Krusty the Clown laugh.

Eric has an undergraduate degree in Corporate Finance from San Francisco State University and completed an Executive Coaching program from the University of Texas at Dallas because his wife wanted him to be a better listener.

As the Chief Connections Manager, Eric works to understand the needs of prospective clients and business partners, and then find the right entry point to launch their PR stardom.

In his leisure, you can find Eric in mud run obstacle courses, or at the beach playing with his kids.

We're expanding rapidly. These newer hires have bios coming soon.