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  • Please adhere to the guest requirements. Do not apply for shows you don't qualify for.
  • Please watch my video. We are thrilled to advise our podcast hosts and companies to promote you heavily. The owners of these shows would also love the opportunity to network after the show and see if it might make sense to do business together in some way.
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Podcasts with RED border have IMMEDIATE openings.

  • The Thoughtful Entrepreneur:
  • -Consultants, agencies, and any other B2B business founders
  • -Must be grossing 6-8 figures annually

  • Agencies on the Rise:
  • -US only
  • -Founders, owners, entrepreneurs of small & medium digital agencies with 10-50 clients that are looking to scale
  • -In business for at least 2 years
  • -Service minded with values and mission that aligns with Hite Digital.

  • Agency Rockstars:
  • -US only
  • -Founders/CEOs of marketing B2B companies, ideally with a specific niche already selected
  • -Must do high 6 figures/lower 7 figures in business

  • Architect My Life:
  • -Female only
  • -Owner/CEO/Founder, Principal, Partner, Managing Partner of Interior Design Agency/firm, Architecture firm owners, Marketing Agency owners
  • -Must do high 6 figures or more in business

  • Authentically Successful:
  • -US or Europe
  • -Corporate executives who understand the value of a great leadership development and coaching to reach higher levels
  • -Must do high 6 figures or more in business
Becoming Legends

  • Becoming Legends:
  • -US only
  • -Owner/CEO of a company with multiple employees
  • -must be making at least multiple 6 figures
  • -We love hearing from attorneys, blue-collar industries, manufacturing, and wealth management but all industries are welcome

  • Becoming Titans:
  • -Family men only
  • -Must be at least 36 years old
  • -Business Owners/CEOs/Entrepreneurs in the Marketing, Sales, and Real Estate industries
  • -Must make $1M+ personal income
  • -Should follow Grant Cardone or Tony Robbins
Best Businesses in Denver

  • Best Businesses in Denver:
  • -The businesses may only be in these zip codes: 80002, 80004, 80025, 80033, 80202, 80203, 80204, 80211, 80212, 80214, 80215, 80219, 80221, 80226, 80227, 80228, 80232, 80257, 80264, 80265, 80290, 80293, 80294, 80295, 80299, 80401, 80403, 80419, 80422, 80427, 80439, 80453, 80457, 80465, 80466, 80471, 80474
  • -Business Owner, President, CEO, General Manager – Privately Held Businesses only
  • -Manufacturing, Engineering, Construction (all trades), Architecture, Professional Services, Technology, Distribution/logistics, B2B, Wealth Advisors but it HAS to be the owner
  • -Must do 6 figures or more in business
  • -NO Banking, Government, Agriculture, Restaurants, Most Retail, anything heavily regulated, non-profits, or B2C
Business Adulting for Start-ups

  • Business Adulting for Start-ups:
  • -California, Nevada, Delaware ONLY
  • -Consultants, head or business, in any field
  • -MUST BE Start-ups ONLY
  • -NO businesses that are not start-ups
Business Beyond Start-Up

  • Business Beyond Start-Up:
  • -US & Canada, mid-size cities
  • -Business owner, CEO, Founder
  • -Must be privately held companies with a team
  • -Business should be doing multiple 7 figures
Business That Matters Spotlight

  • Business That Matters Spotlight:
  • -Urban businesses in Eastern time zone (USA & Canada)
  • -Entrepreneur, CEO/ President
  • -Must make $150k+ income
  • -Must care about your team, and have invested in furthering business education and training.

  • California Businesses on the Rise:
  • -California only
  • -Business Owners and CEOs aged 25+ years old
  • -Growing businesses in California, with special emphasis on the healthcare industry
  • -Must make 6+ figures

  • Category of One:
  • -US based in a big city near a coastline
  • -Entrepreneurs who have started multiple businesses, visionary leaders or speakers with the “it” factor in need of a reinvention
  • -Professional Services (Financial Advisors / Real Estate / Consulting Companies / Professional Services / SaaS / M&A (Mergers & Acquisition) / Tech / Medical / Manufacturing / Entertainment)
  • -Must make $1M+ personal income, $5-$100M in business

  • CEO Sprints:
  • -Big cities in US and Europe
  • -CEO or business owner (solo founder) who feels they are the bottleneck in their company with a small team of between 5-40 staff and/or contractors
  • -In these fields: management consulting, IT consulting, creative consulting, marketing agency consulting
  • -Make over $35K per month ($500k per year)
Companies to Watch

  • Companies to Watch:
  • -US only
  • -Business owner or C-level executive
  • -Must be interested in marketing growth of their product
  • -Can be a start-up but should be actively selling 6-figures in revenue (or more)

  • Elite Fitness Leaders:
  • -USA only
  • -Fitness Club/Gym owner, Fitness professional, CEO/Owner of a fitness/gym brand WITH at least 2 or more physical locations (OK if pivoted to virtual training during COVID)
  • -Must make more than $500,000 in revenue
Food and Beverage Leaders

  • Food and Beverage Leaders:
  • -Must be 21 years old or older
  • -Southeast or Midwest USA preferred
  • -CEO, CMO, COO, CFO, Owner, VP/Director of Logistics, Transportation, or Operations in the Food & Beverage industries
  • -Must make 6+ figures annually

  • Future Forward Sales:
  • -English speaking
  • -CEO or President. Will consider VP of Sales, VP of Sales & Marketing, Director of Sales, Director of Sales & Marketing (Title MUST include “Sales”)
  • -Businesses should have 51-200 employees and at least 8 verified LinkedIn employees
  • -Industries: Manufacturing, B2B Services & Solutions, Equipment Distribution, Rental Companies
  • -NO Advertising, Marketing, and Creative Agencies; Attorneys and Law Firms; Financial Advisors and Investment Firms; SaaS Businesses; Businesses that sell exclusively online
  • -Business must make $1M+

  • Happiest Places to Work:
  • -US only
  • -Corporate Wellness Director, Human Resources Manager, CEO, VP of Wellness, 35-50 years old
  • -Businesses must have 50+ employees
  • -Must focus on positive company culture and employee wellness
  • -Business must make $1M+
Creating a Team Culture

  • High Impact Leaders:
  • -Continental US only
  • -30 years old or older
  • -Director of training or employee development, Head of Global People or Operations, Human resources, Senior Manager Human Capital, Training and development specialist, executives (CEO, COO, CMO, Director or higher)
  • -Tech companies, schools/universities, non-profits, banking/finance, healthcare, manufacturing, attorneys, construction, retail
  • -Must have at least 75 employees, ideally at least 125.

  • Home Services Experts with Irrational Generosity:
  • -Arizona ONLY
  • -Business owners, general managers, office managers, marketing people, ages 30-60, in the Home Services industries who want to give back to their communities while growing their businesses
  • -Roofers, general contractors, HVAC, plumbing, landscaping, lawn care, hardscaping, cleaning, remodeling, pressure washing, window cleaners, kitchen cabinets, painting, etc.

  • Home Town Real Estate Heroes:
  • -US only
  • -Seasoned Real Estate Investors, Landlords, Wholesalers
  • -Must make $200K+ and have completed over 25 deals with either real estate flips, wholesale, buy and hold
  • -NO Solely commercial investors
  • -NO guests from San Antonio, Canyon Lake, or New Braunfels, Texas
  • -NO coaches or investing podcasters
How I Scaled Service

  • How I Scaled Service:
  • -Business owner, CEO, or VP
  • -Marketing and service-based businesses – not offering SEO services
  • -Business must be grossing a minimum of 6-figures per year
  • -Have a positive outlook and love to have fun while they work
  • -Want more visibility, more authority, and more impact

  • How We Scaled:
  • -English speaking
  • -Small & medium business owner, entrepreneur, partner, executives (VP or higher), 30+ years old, who need assistance growing their business
  • -Industries: Technology, Professionals like CPA, AICPA, State Societies, Lawyers
  • -Must do 6 figures or more in business

  • Impactful CEOs:
  • -Located east of Mississippi River
  • -CEO or Owner of a business making $3M+ and have 10+ employees
  • -In the fields of manufacturing and construction, distributorships, restaurants, auto dealers, retailers
  • -NO Financial planners, Banks, Hospitals, Financial Institutions, Health Clubs, Bowling Alleys, Country Clubs, Amusement Parks, Game Arcades, Private Membership Golf Clubs, Schools, Social/Civic Organizations, Cities/Counties, Insurance Companies, Any Gov’t. Offices, Management/Consulting Co., Attorneys, Non-Profit Organizations, Churches, Divisions of Larger Corporations, Real Estate Co. Publicly Held Companies, Doctors/Dentists, Manufacturer’s Representatives

  • IoT Idols:
  • -US, Europe (e.g. UK, Germany, France, Spain) – must speak English
  • -Director of Operations, CEO, CTO, VP of Engineering, VP of Product
  • -Robotics, automation, computer vision, sensing/data collection, deep tech

  • Legacy:
  • -US only
  • -CEOs, Business Owners, Entrepreneurs aged 50+ years old who are preparing for retirement (but NOT yet retired) and looking to create a financial legacy.
  • -NO authors, consultants, speakers, coaches, retirees
  • -Must make $1M+

  • Manufacturing Supply Chain CEOs:
  • -Worldwide, must speak English
  • -Owners and CEOs
  • -Manufacturing Companies that are independent or autonomously operating where decisions are made at the local level that have been in business 5+ years
  • -Business revenue of $1M+
  • -No government-run logistics or supply chain entities

  • Marketing Executive Spotlight:
  • -Worldwide
  • -VP of Marketing, Chief Marketing Officers. Product Marketing Managers, Marketing Directors, Director of Sales and Marketing – Decision Makers in the Marketing and Sales Positions in businesses with 200+ employees
  • -Medical devices, plastic surgery, IT & Web, manufacturing, computer systems design, digital marketing agencies, advertising agencies, telecommunications, market research, financial, wealth management, staffing, Bio-tech marketing agencies, public relationships, realtor leadgen companies, healthcare, genomics, data analytics, data storage, food companies, eLearning
  • -Business revenue of $10M+
  • -No small business coaches or solopreneurs
Masters of Employee Development

  • Masters of Employee Development:
  • -Must be 35+ years old
  • -CEO, Human Resources (Director or higher), Employee Development Director (or higher), leadership development
  • -Finance/banking, technology (Saas)
  • -Must have a minimum 25 employees and gross 7 figures
  • -No coaches or consultants or 3rd parties who do training for companies.

  • MLS Leadership:
  • -US & Canada
  • -Owner or manager of a real estate brokerage who wants to make a difference in the lives of his/her agents
  • -NO real estate agents please

  • My First Investment Property:
  • -US & Canada
  • -Must be BEGINNER real estate investors on the first or second flip/property
  • -NO established real estate brokers/agents/investors

  • Profiles in Persistence:
  • -US only
  • -Small business owner, Entrepreneur, Founder
  • -Service- or product-based business
  • -Must make 6+ figures
  • -NO wealth or tax strategist, financial planner

  • Real Estate Syndication Spotlight:
  • -US only
  • -Real estate investors who want to grow their portfolios by investing in syndication deals, making their own syndication deals, or highly interested in syndication deals.
  • -NO people who purchase with the sole intent of renting/flipping single-family homes

  • Small Business, Big Life:
  • -US only
  • -Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, CEOs aged 35+ years old with a desire to create education and community in their industry and increase their wealth
  • -Must make 6+ figures

  • SMB Superstars:
  • -New Jersey- and Pennsylvania-based only
  • -Business Owners, CFO, and Directors
  • -Contractors (Electrical, Flooring, Plumbing, etc.), General Contractors, Real Estate Developers
  • -Making $3-15M
The Stand Out Leaders in Health & Wellness Podcast

  • Stand Out Leaders in Health & Wellness Podcast:
  • -US only
  • -Health & Wellness Professional, Naturopathic, Chiropractic or Osteopathic professional with their own practice
  • -Must be doing at least $250k in revenue annually
  • -Must own and run their own practice
Street Smart Business Leaders

  • Street Smart Business Leaders:
  • -US only – large metropolitan markets preferred
  • -C-Suite, executive, or business owner
  • -Any B2C industry including – Consumer goods, Lifestyle brands, Non-profit, Multicultural, Diversity
  • -Business should be earning 7 figures

  • Texas Businesses on the Rise:
  • -Female only, 25+ years old
  • -Business Owners, CEOs, Marketing managers, or Office managers of any growing business in Texas
  • -NO men
  • -Particularly interested in real estate, doctors, home services, lawyers, dentists

  • The Future of Email Marketing:
  • -US, Europe, Australia, New Zealand
  • -VP of Product Development / Director of Product Development / Product Manager. Possibly VP of Marketing or CEO at smaller companies
  • -Email or marketing technology software (Multiple years in the industry) and marketing agencies
  • -Must make 6 figures or more

  • The Future of Influence:
  • -Worldwide
  • -Small business owners, CEOs, and Founders who understand the power of influence
  • -Coaches, Authors, and Consultant who ALSO have a business, not just a book
  • -Must make 6+ figures annually

  • The Greatest Places to Work Show:
  • -US only
  • -Business Owners, CEOs, CFOs, HR directors who are 30+ years old with established businesses and 10+ employees
  • -Must make 6+ figures annually
  • -NO authors or coaches

  • The Ones to Watch:
  • -Worldwide
  • -Founders, CEOs, Company Executives
  • -Focused on Technology, especially Food & Industrial technology
  • -Business revenue must be $10-50M annually
The Peak Performance Greatness Show

  • The Peak Performance Greatness Show:
  • -Must be 30+ years old
  • -Business owners, executives, entrepreneurs, VP, or C-Suite business leaders
  • -Real estate brokers, investors, and owners
  • -Must make $500,000 or more annually
  • -No coaches or consultants
The Story Behind Our Success

  • The Story Behind Our Success:
  • -US Preferred
  • -Business owners, Marketing Directors, or VP of Growth of small and medium-sized businesses
  • -Businesses must be making at least 7 figures
  • -All industries welcome – we are going to talk about your brand and your story
Thriving Advisors

  • Thriving Advisors:
  • -Previous or current executive managing budgets of over 3 million and have ten or more employees.
  • -Just start or thinking of working on a side project/looking to transition to a new career path in the next few years.
  • -Interesting in talking about reaching goals and maintaining a work-life balance

  • Thought Leaders to Watch:
  • -US, Australia, New Zealand only
  • -Entrepreneurs, Influencers, Speakers, and Coaches who own their own business and who want to make an impact in the world
  • -Must make 5+ figures
  • -NO authors

  • What Makes Them Tip:
  • -US or international companies doing business in the US
  • -Founders, CEOs, Company Executives
  • -Any industry but NO non-profit organizations
  • -Must make $2M+ annually

  • You Are the Magic with Alexis Jane:
  • -Worldwide
  • -Female Entrepreneurs ONLY, aged 26-68 years old
  • -Fitness coaches, Crypto business, Life coaches, Business coaches, Sales coaches
  • -Must make $5K per month

  • For 7Figures Strategic Alliance:
  • -Entrepreneurs that have successfully done 5 & 6 figure partnerships and JV work and are looking to do larger JV partnerships and deals

  • The Conscious Business Leader:
  • -US Only
  • -Women and/or minorities preferred
  • -High achieving, mission-driven, conscious, online entrepreneurs, fitness coaches, consultants, creatives, naturopaths, acupuncturists, chiropractor, educators, and service-based online business owners aged 35-65 years old who want to elevate humanity, uplevel consciousness, global mindset, and transform their industry–make a new normal
  • -Must make a minimum of $4k per month (and growing)
  • -NO corporate leaders or individuals in the real estate, legal, or financial industries
  • -Care about the quadruple bottom line of people, planet, profit, & presence in business
  • -Philanthropic hearted, spiritually conscious

  • Digital Agency Masters:
  • -US only
  • -CEOs and VPs of Marketing or CMOs of marketing agencies
  • -Must do 6 figures or more in business

  • The Conscious Business Leader:
  • -Worldwide, must speak English
  • -Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Coaches, Founders, and executives VP or higher aged 30-50 years old who want to elevate humanity, uplevel consciousness, global mindset, and transform their industry–make a new normal
  • -Conscious six figure coaches, consultants (writers, speakers, etc), and healers (naturopath, chiropractor, etc.) and service-based businesses
  • -Must make 6+ figures
  • -NO corporate leaders or individuals in the real estate, legal, or financial industries
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