Unconventional B2B Lead Generation Services: Elevating Business Growth Through Podcast Networking

In the ever-evolving landscape of B2B life, forging connections with decision-makers and industry leaders is no longer a game of cold calls and automated emails. I talk with VPs of Sales daily and they share the frustration that platforms that may have worked in the past are no longer effective. LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Email, DMs, Cold Calls, and other direct marketing tactics simply don’t work like they used to. If you are like me, you have multiple layers of insulation to keep yourself protected from this type of noise.

The key to unlocking growth lies in a realm where authenticity, relationships, and value take center stage… podcast networking.

Why Use Podcast Networking as a Lead Generation Method?

Traditional lead generation methods have lost their charm among high-level decision-makers who yearn for meaningful interactions over sales pitches. Enter podcast networking, an unconventional approach that has been quietly revolutionizing the B2B space. It's not about just capturing attention; it's about creating connections that catalyze growth.

Imagine your business's visionary voice resonating in the ears of industry leaders, fostering dialogues that matter. Podcast networking isn't just about targeting an audience with content; it's about inviting guests who are not only influential connectors in their own right but also potential clients and partners.

Redefining Leads: Your Guests are the Gems

In this unconventional lead generation journey, the spotlight isn't on reaching potential clients through audience engagement. It's about your business becoming the host of a captivating podcast that brings together thought leaders, decision-makers, and partners under one virtual roof.

Your guests, carefully curated to align with your target customer persona, become more than just interviewees – they're your new friend for life - and potentially your customers. These individuals are not only interested in your business but are also well-connected within their own networks. This network extends a treasure trove of new relationships waiting to be cultivated.

Think of it… As the host, you can invite anyone you want as a guest. Why not invite your dream connections? Are you willing to extend a bit of generosity and share your spotlight with the influencers, investors, partners, and potential clients you aspire to connect with? If you will, you have found the secret ‘make friends’ button that all consultants, agencies, coaches, and B2B service providers wish they had.

Stop with the creepy lurking in the DMs. If you are established in your field, it’s just not classy. Connect with leaders in the way you prefer to be connected with - through genuine and organic networking.


The Power of Relationships for Lead Generation

Gone are the days when a sales pitch held sway. Today's leaders thrive on genuine connections that go beyond transactions. Instead of going through the ‘sales guy’ door on decision makers, cultivate a genuine relationship first. By inviting these influential guests onto your podcast, you're offering a platform for them to share their insights, experiences, and stories. In turn, you're building a bridge of trust and rapport that can lead to prosperous partnerships.

When you focus on nurturing relationships with your guests, you're also cultivating connections with their expansive networks. These networks consist of potential leads, decision-makers, collaborators, and industry peers. Your podcast becomes a catalyst for forming relationships that transcend business boundaries.

A Niche Approach to Lead Generation

Podcast networking doesn't rely on generic outreach; it thrives on specificity. I cannot stress how critical guest selection is. At UpMyInfluence, we cultivate connections for our clients through our vast network of communications professionals. We have relationships that extend many years of making their clients look amazing on our network of more than 200 podcasts. We are committed to truly serving the guests with 100% of our focus and attention. We are also serving the PR industry with a consistently high-caliber experience for their guests. It’s a big win for everyone: the guest, the host/our client, us, and the PR agency who is rewarded for making a valuable connection for their client, the guest.

Each guest you invite aligns with your ideal customer persona, ensuring that every conversation resonates with your target audience. This niche approach yields high-quality guests that are genuinely interested in your values and potentially your service offerings.

Moreover, by showcasing your guests as experts, you establish yourself as a thought leader within your industry. This elevation in authority not only attracts ideal customers but also positions you as a valuable resource in the eyes of potential partners and collaborators. The industry you serve is going to love you for contributing to the conversation and celebrating its members.


The Road to B2B Growth: Podcast Networking with UpMyInfluence

At UpMyInfluence, we've reimagined B2B lead generation through the lens of podcast networking. Our focus isn't just on audience engagement – it's on building relationships with your guests, who are the core of your lead generation strategy.

By becoming the host of your podcast, you're opening doors to a network of potential clients and partners who eagerly await authentic interactions. These interactions have the power to transform your business growth trajectory, as you form connections that thrive beyond sales pitches.

As a business owner, or director of sales, growth, or marketing… you have one job: GROW THE COMPANY. The absolute fastest way to drive growth and revenue is to consistently build meaningful relationships with more of your ideal clients. Don’t EVER take your foot off the gas in this task. This focus will help you maintain healthy cashflow month after month. No more revenue ups and downs. Simply accelerate the number of key decision makers you forge relationships with.

If you are in B2B, and have done what you do for five or more years, you simply should not be having issues with cash flow instability. By now, you should have enough respect, authority, and social proof. You just need more people walking through your front door and you need to take the time to find out if you can help them in any way. Period.

Step into the world of unconventional B2B lead generation. Embrace podcast networking as a way to connect, collaborate, and cultivate growth. Let your podcast be the conduit that brings you closer to the leads you've been searching for – one genuine conversation at a time.

Ready to redefine your lead generation strategy? Let's embark on this transformative journey together with UpMyInfluence. Let’s grab 30 minutes. Happy to figure out if this would be a smart, unconventional lead generation strategy for you. We may be able to run some tests to figure this out. Take it from one of our clients, Pace Ellsworth of Bestimate, who shared it is the single most important thing he’s ever done to transform his business.


Our B2B Lead Generation Services and Features

Our magic is in our strategy and execution of the thousands of micro-decisions on implementing a podcast for consistent and predictable high-level connections. We’ve invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in experiments. We’ve launched more than 200 podcasts and know exactly which ones succeed and (more importantly) why they continue to succeed. Here is our role in our partnership with you:

1. Podcast Strategy Development

Customized Podcast Strategy: Tailored podcast strategy based on your target audience, industry, and business goals.

Guest Outreach: Identification and outreach to influential guests to enhance credibility and attract a wider audience. We have networks of many thousands of connectors in the PR and podcast guesting world. This opens you up to a pool of potential connections that would take many years to access.

2. Podcast Production

Editing and Post-Production: Comprehensive editing to ensure episodes are polished, coherent, and free from distractions in a way that appeals to high-caliber guests and potential connectors in the communications world.

Branding Integration: Incorporating your brand's voice, tone, and messaging seamlessly into each episode.

  • 1 full-length branded video and 2 pieces of static artwork for every episode

3. Content Distribution

Episode Publishing: Efficient distribution of podcast episodes to major platforms like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, and more.

Transcription and Show Notes: Transcribing episodes for accessibility and creating informative show notes for each episode.

4. Lead Generation Strategies

Strategic Call-to-Actions: Teaching you how to incorporate effective calls-to-action within episodes to guide listeners toward lead generation actions.

Landing Pages: Designing dedicated landing pages to capture leads generated through podcast interactions.

Lead Magnets: Creating valuable resources related to podcast content to entice listeners to provide their contact information.

Lead Nurturing Automation: Setting up automated email sequences to nurture leads and move them through the sales funnel.

5. Audience Engagement

Listener Feedback: Encouraging listener feedback and engagement to build a community around your podcast.

Q&A and Surveys: Conducting Q&A sessions or surveys to gather insights from you and your audience and tailor content accordingly.

Audience growth best practices: We host live events or webinars for direct engagement and interaction with your audience.

6. Measurement and Analytics

Performance Tracking: Monitoring podcast performance through metrics like downloads, listener retention, and engagement.

Lead Conversion Tracking: Tracking how podcast-generated leads progress through the sales process.

Data Analysis: Analyzing data to refine strategies, content, and lead generation techniques over time.

7. Ongoing Optimization

Continuous Improvement: Regularly reviewing the podcast strategy and content to optimize for lead generation success.

Adaptation to Trends: Staying up-to-date with industry trends and adjusting strategies accordingly for maximum impact.


Our PodCash Leader Concierge Service is a White Glove Service

Instead of amateur lead generation tactics, you simply have 3 jobs:

1. Promote your own podcast to your networks. Follow our customized language to attract the best of the best guests from the industry you serve. (We’ll also be promoting heavily into our networks).

2. Show up to your scheduled appointments with your dream connections and hit record. Truly do them a solid by celebrating them for 15-20 minutes on your podcast. 

Our customized, proven system will help ensure demographic and psychographic fit, values alignment, ability to engage, and most importantly, will warm up your guests in a way that they are hoping to connect with you outside the content creation.

We simply need access to the Zoom conversation you recorded. We’ll turn it into a podcast that brings all the traditional benefits of podcasting without you having to worry about the burdensome minutiae.

3. Invite your guest to continue the conversation. This is a new highly-qualified friend. Leaders who like each other will look for ways to do business together. You don’t need to worry about ‘selling.’ Just allow the business to happen naturally.

Chances are, many of your best clients you’ve worked with started this exact same way. They didn’t need a pitch. They simply wanted a friend and partner who could help them.

We'll do the rest. Let's grab 30 minutes and see if we should collaborate in some way. Perhaps our Concierge Podcash Leader Service is a fit. Perhaps we should test the concept together through our FastStart Podcash Leader Service. Let's chat! 

Let's grab 30 min to talk about your Lead Generation opportunities

Thank you for reading! I hope we have the opportunity to collaborate or partner in some way! Let's grab 30 min to chat.

Josh Elledge - Founder, UpMyInfluence