In this episode of The Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge interviews one of the top 25 speakers of 2022 and number 1 results coach, Shawn Shewchuk.

Shawn shares his passion for constantly identifying and pursuing new opportunities to serve others. He shares insight into what he and his team have been doing – testing and developing new coaching models that many people and organizations could benefit from. He says traditional coaching models no longer work, which is why they have formulated new models, which they are excited to share in the coming weeks.




Shawn explains that coaching is all about growth, and if that experience isn't happening, then that's where the challenge comes in. He provides great advice on how not to miss opportunities and how to invest time where there is the greatest return. He emphasizes the importance of having predestined steps to see the results you want and desire, as well as having the right leadership mindset.



Key Points from the Episode:


  • Shawn Shewchuck: Why am I doing What I’m Doing?
  • The Revolution of Coaching
  • Practical Tips for Leaders to Do a Better Job of Building the Organization They Want



About Shawn Shewchuck


Shawn has successfully worked with and partnered with over 11,500 leaders, entrepreneurs, high achievers and organizations in North America and abroad. For over 28 years, Shawn Shewchuk has been producing results and has been THE productivity speaker and #1 results coach.


Shawn is also a serial entrepreneur with a track record of business success. He has launched, built and profited from 43 businesses across a wide range of professions and verticals. He is a bestselling author of Change Your Mind, Change Your Results and Daily Motivation. He appeared in two films, One Minute Success System with Brian Tracy and Game Changer, which he also produced.


Shawn has developed proprietary and strategic processes that have proven effective in delivering exceptional and practical solutions. Shawn is THE productivity speaker, and his powerful and proven methodology was developed around a single prerequisite, improving your results in less time.



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