Technology based commercial growth.

On the show today is Guy Littlejohn, the Founder and CEO of Facets.

Based out of Manchester, Guy set up Facets in April 2020 with a view to help start-up digital focused businesses grow across all elements of the commercial operation at a price point that suits them. They understand that no partner is identical to the next so they've built a business model that can mold to each client's wants and needs.

Most of the time when you're looking to grow your business you're tasked with the following options: Hiring new full-time employees, using an intermediary or a traditional consultant. But Facets combines all three of these options into one team of commercial directors with extensive experience with technology to deliver consistent results to agencies, startups, and technology focused businesses.

Learn more about the actionable growth that Facets creates for many businesses and much more on this episode of The Thoughtful Entrepreneur.

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