Hypnotherapy meets performance coaching.

Today we're with Elliot Roe, the Founder and CEO of Primed Mind.

Elliot is a mindset and performance coach. His journey began when he had a crippling fear of flying and couldn't enjoy his vacations fully because he feared the plane ride home. He was referred to a hypnotherapist and when she brought back a childhood memory and fixed his issue within an hour, he had a revelation and wanted to become a hypnotherapist himself.

From there, he began helping others and even developed a phone application utilizing the power of the mind and controlling your mindset. The app generates states of peak performance, effortless calm, and deep sleep in just minutes a day. Mindset is the key that unlocks your full potential, and Primed Mind builds a strong mindset so you can attack each day with full focus and determination.

Learn more about hypnotherapy and the app Primed Mind on this episode of The Thoughtful Entrepreneur.

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