Get out of that sales rut.

On the show is Ken Lundin, the President of Ken Lundin & Associates.

Ken breaks down the traditional poor performance of sales consultancies. They help break down the reasons and get to the root of why the company is performing badly. Then, they transform the company from the ground up, working with everything from their leadership all the way through to their sales forces. They are a B2B sales consulting firm with a unique model. Instead of selling training or coaching, they approach it with a subscription-based service that companies can get help as they come and go.

They cater their services to each situation and company individually, and use all three methods of coaching, consulting, and training in one to fully cover the issues at hand. If you're noticing some setbacks in your business, consider listening in to this episode for some helpful tips and tricks.

Learn more about how to get out of that sales rut and get going again on this episode of The Thoughtful Entrepreneur.

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