Big business solutions.

The guest on today's episode is Jim Barnish, Founder and Managing Partner of Orchid Black.

Orchid Black serves founder led companies that need a boost, generally between a few million to 50 million in revenue. They help founders who have created great businesses but have fallen short in some way. Orchid consists of about 35 hand selected strategists, operators, and m&a specialists all highly skilled in different things to bring complex solutions to any business issue.

Jim helps big companies find what's not working and how to fix it and get things flowing again. They've worked with some big names like Intel, Dell, Amazon, Microsoft and more. The company is like a SWAT team of employees who all have extensive experience in every aspect of business.

Learn more about how Orchid Black works to solve big business issues and grow multimillion dollar companies on this episode of The Thoughtful Entrepreneur.

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