Start saving now!

On the show today is Jesson Bradshaw, the CEO of Energy Ogre. 

Energy Ogre is a brand that lets you save money by letting them handle your electricity plan. In January of 2002, the market for electricity in Texas opened up on a competitive basis to about 75% of the state. That means that for the first time, homeowners and businesses get to choose who serves them electricity. That's when Energy Ogre jumped in the market on electricity plans, helping people decide which options and price points are the best for them.

Electricity payments are costly and unavoidable. With Energy Ogre, you can find out how to save up to 40% on your bill and cut down on the expense. They offer over 2,000 types of plans and work with over 135 electricity providers.

Learn more about how you can save on your electricity bill with Energy Ogre and much more on this episode of The Thoughtful Entrepreneur.

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