Podcast Guest Josh Elledge

Josh Elledge podcast guest
  • Founder/CEO, UpMyInfluence.com
  • Chief Executive Angel, SavingsAngel.com
  • Syndicated TV host & newspaper columnist (9 newspapers) for 11 years
  • 2500+ media appearances
  • US Navy Veteran, Trained in improv, 60 pounds lost
  • My podcasts: The SavingsAngel Show | Authority Confidential | Thoughtful Entrepreneur
  • Loves living in Orlando, breaking out of escape rooms, and roller coasters!

Let me promote your show to 120K+ followers!

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Twitter: 72K
Instagram: 42K (on hiatus)
LinkedIn: 13K
Facebook: 6K (incl personal)
Youtube: 1K

I (heart) Podcast Interviews!

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No Permission Needed with Ozeal
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Top 9 reasons you need to book Josh Elledge as your next guest.

I’m a podcaster myself. I’ve got a decent size audience. And, I promote my appearances heavily. 120K followers across multiple accounts, my blogs, my email list... I LOVE sharing all my appearances with my audience – and they love catching me in the media and around the web - wherever I may be. I see promoting your show to my audience as a HUGE win-win! My goal is to make our episode your most downloaded episode.
I’ve appeared on some pretttty big shows already. You can listen to my interviews above. I’ve appeared on Eventual Millionaire with Jaime Tardy, So Money with Farnoosh Torabi, EOFire, Social Media Marketing with Mike Stelzner, and many more.
As an improv comedian, I bring enthusiasm and frivolity. (And yes, I needed to check my spelling on ‘frivolity.’) I’m pretty passionate about the topics in my wheelhouse – but if you really want to wind me up, ask me about how marketing gurus have misled early stage business owners.
My audio sounds great. Ever interview a guest who sounds like they’re in the next restroom stall over? Yeah… me too. I’m an audio nerd and I’m going to make sure I sound terrific for you.
I come prepared! Podcaster to podcaster, I know you’re busy. Need a bio you can just grab and read? No problem. I’ve got four different versions for you – including my popular obituary version. Need photos? Check. A bunch of questions you can use? Got that too! I’ve got a full media kit for you on this page.
We may be able to trade interviews. My audience are generally full-time business leaders. If you’ve got some great tips or suggestions for them, I’d love to have you on my show. We run a daily show - and we love great guests. See more here.
I’m a big believer in sharing VALUE with your audience! Even though I’ve been honored to appear as a guest on hundreds of podcasts, I work very hard to deliver unique, valuable content to your audience. I’m happy to share compelling stories and experiences – but I truly thrive when sharing step-by-step how-to’s with your listeners.
What I teach is incredibly unique! I developed a system called the Thoughtful Entrepreneur High-Ticket Sales Program. It’s how I’ve been able to generate TWO 7-figure companies. If you have a show focused on marketing, entrepreneur and agency growth, sales, business, we definitely need to chat!!

Got a money show – or a lifestyle show? I’m also one of the nation’s leading experts on consumer savings. I’ve been teaching it for over 14 years and is the subject of my other podcast, The SavingsAngel Show.
I can help sponsor your show. If you are able to offer an affiliate link in your show notes, I’ve paid thousands of dollars to some of my partners and I’d like to do the same for you. I’ll follow your lead on this. If you’d like to let your guests know about my programs, I’m happy to pay a huge commission for each person that ultimately decides they’d like to work with me. Not into money? No problem. Mum’s the word. We’ll just focus on a great interview! audience. I’m happy to share compelling stories and experiences – but I truly thrive when sharing step-by-step how-to’s with your listeners.

Some questions you could ask me...

– How did you get more than 2000 media appearances?
– How did you generate more than $6 M in revenue with less than $500 in advertising?
– How do agencies and consultants get a lot of sales today?
– Why should a founder take their authority seriously if they want to grow their brand?
– What are the most important things you should do if you want to get started with PR?
– What's wrong about marketing advice today?
– What are the 3 elements to growth for digital business owners today?
– You get 15+ high-ticket sales appointments a week with no paid ads. How?!?
– What is the Go-Giver philosophy, and why does it work?
– Ask me anything around leadership and growth!!
– What's some free stuff you can give my audience?
Here is a list of more general podcast interview questions you can use that I compiled for our coaching clients.

Affiliate / Joint Venture

In the future, we will bring back our affiliate program – and would be happy to have you set up a link in your show notes to help monetize my appearance if you like. Learn more here.

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