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On this DAILY founder-stories podcast, your host, Josh Elledge encourages entrepreneurs to share not only their expertise but their stories and their hearts.

You’re gonna love this show. SEVEN DAYS A WEEK, we cover a wide range of topics (within 15-20 minutes). We cover topics like scaling challenges, leadership, funding, marketing, and sales. We'll also let our guests share on the subjects they're well-known for. You’re going to hear real stories, from real people.

We believe that every person has a unique message which can positively impact the world. Even YOU! As a daily show, we're actively seeking guests.

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928 – Outsourcing Impact with Rocket Station's Robert Nickell
927 – Profitable Solutions with Profit Master Business Solutions' Howard Wolpoff
926 – Education Professionals on Business with Mike Morse Law Firm's Mike Morse
925 – Empowering Health and Wellness with The Healthy Place's Tim O'Brien
924 – Rewarding Your Employees with Real Savings with Abenity's Brian Roland
923 – B2B Growth with Listen Innovate Grow's Michael Haynes
922 – Scale Faster Than Ever with 2X's Austin Netzley
921 – Safe Software for LinkedIn Automation with Expandi's Stefan Smulders
920 – A One-Stop-Shop to Start and Grow Your Business with ZenBusiness's Ross Buhrdorf
919 – Raising Your Voice and Visibility with Kami Guildner
918 – Growing Up in a Business with ABC Fine Wine and Spirits' Charlie Bailes
917 – Curating the Right Sponsors for Events with Connected Sponsors' Sheila Farragher-Gemma
916 – Made in America with Authentically American's Dean Wegner
915 – How Google's Algorithm Drives Innovation with 10Web's Tigran Nazaryan
914 – Be Clear On Your Outcome with The Leaderpath's Caterina Kostoula
913 – DC Property Managementy with Flock DC's Lisa Wise
912 – Making Your Website Work For You with Joey Donovan-Guido
911 – Fixing What's Broken with Refounder's Patrick Colletti
910 – Being a Giver with GIVERS University's EA Csolkovits
909 – Introvert Exceptionality with Matthew Pollard

The Thoughtful Entrepreneur host, Jennifer Longworth, comes from a traditional broadcast radio world and is a remarkable interviewer.

Your host:

The Thoughtful Entrepreneur host, Josh Elledge
The Thoughtful Entrepreneur host, Josh Elledge, has appeared on over 500 podcasts and has appeared in the media more than 2000 times.

The Thoughtful Entrepreneur host, Josh Elledge, has appeared on over 500 podcasts and has appeared in the media more than 2000 times.

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The Thoughtful Entrepreneur Podcast
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