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On this DAILY founder-stories podcast, your host, Josh Elledge encourages entrepreneurs to share not only their expertise but their stories and their hearts.

You’re gonna love this show. SEVEN DAYS A WEEK, we cover a wide range of topics (within 15-20 minutes). We cover topics like scaling challenges, leadership, funding, marketing, and sales. We'll also let our guests share on the subjects they're well-known for. You’re going to hear real stories, from real people.

We believe that every person has a unique message which can positively impact the world. Even YOU! As a daily show, we're actively seeking guests.

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Betty Tufariello is the CEO of Intellectulaw, The Law Offices of P.B. Tufariello. Intellectulaw is a law firm specializing in patent and copyright attorneys, located in Mount Sinai, NY. They serve the people of Mount Sinai and the surrounding area with top-notch services to help ensure your intellectual property stays safe. The team at Intellectulaw […]
Scott Hoppe is the CPA of Why Blu, a fully distributed accounting firm that supports their clients year-round. ​Why Blu specializes in tax planning spanning from individuals at start-ups to large companies. Since creation in 2014, Why Blu’s goals have remained the same. They give back to their community, do exceptional work, and pay attention […]
Andy Walker is the CEO and Senior Strategist at CyberWalker Digital, a marketing agency that guarantees excellent services to clients looking for a marketing edge.  The team at CyberWalker Digital listens to what their clients need and use their expertise to craft innovative digital strategies to best market their client’s company.    Their team of […]
Vikram Rajan is the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Videosocials, a company specializing in online marketing through videos and media posts. Vikram, originally a marketing advisor, noticed that many of his clients were too busy to keep up with marketing. Vikram and his team thought to brainstorm article ideas with the clients and audio […]
Joel Cahill is the Co-Founder and CEO of INFIMA Cyber Security. INFIMA is a research-based approach to cybersecurity. Hacker’s schemes are no more with this state-of-the-art security program. They tackle the security so their customers can focus on what needs attention. INFIMA focuses on combining the latest advancements in technology with research on behavior and […]
Lucas Rubix is a coach and mentor to over 10,000 coaches and online experts and the host of the popular podcast, Coaches Corner. He runs multiple coaching businesses and his primary focus is helping coaches create a business that lasts. He is a firm believer that with enough effort, anything is possible.  Consistent action towards your […]
Robyn Mussler is the founder of the award-winning youth program, Connect IT 360.  Connect IT 360 is a non-profit organization that teaches youth the essential building blocks to life. Robyn was inspired by her sister Susie, who had Down Syndrome. The purpose of the program was to create a place where everyone has the opportunity […] is the premier website for helping people get details on an IP address. Chris Parker created WhatIsMyIPaddress in 2000. It is the number one website worldwide for looking up an IP address. The website has more than six million visitors monthly. WhatIsMyIPAddress provides useful information to people online and strives to help site viewers […]
Zane Stevens is the Co-founder and Director of Protea Financial.  Protea Financial is a company that helps with everything from bookkeeping services, order processing, and tax schedules. Protea Financials’ goal is to provide fairly priced accurate and high-quality financial information for businesses. They help business owners by listening to their needs and developing a clear […]
Tom Sylvester is a business consultant, entrepreneur, public speaker, and author. He works with entrepreneurs and business leaders to help them grow their businesses. Tom spent several years helping Fortune 500 companies and their leaders develop their companies before focusing his efforts on entrepreneurs and small businesses. His passion lies with those trying to build […]
Say It With Gratitude is a company on a mission! They strive to make everyone feel appreciated through the power of gratitude. They spread their message to businesses with thank you cards, t-shirts, and unforgettable experiences. They use handwritten notes to grow your business while also helping children in need. In the 21st century, handwritten […]
Olga Kirshenbaum is the owner of Rags to Riches Consulting and a well-respected Financial Coach. She works to help her clients realign their money-habits with their money-goals. Her coaching helps those in need to make better financial choices and takes off some of the stress that comes with finances.   Olga works with budget managers […]
Beachpreneurs is an all-female beach retreat to help smart female entrepreneurs get a clear direction on where to go next with their business. To go, the female entrepreneur must have an open mind, and either an existing online business they are ready to improve, a sizable platform and an audience, or a dream that they […]
7 Stage Advisors helps clients accelerate and sustain their business growth. They help your team discover where to place your efforts for maximum impact. They coach, mentor and train their clients to take their firm to the next level.  To 7 Stage Advisors, Growth isn’t just about the company getting bigger. It is also about […]
Tocobaga Consulting is a company focused on helping other companies with their design, branding, development, and marketing. Tocobaga Consulting is the place to go for consulting and strategy to boost your company’s reputation. They want to get more eyes on your business. Tocobaga Consulting offers online and traditional advertising services. email marketing, SEO, Google ads, […]
Growing a business is never easy, but it is especially hard when you’re not understood in the way you intended. With the right message advertised, you can quickly increase your business' impact. To get the reaction you want, you need to start planning and preparing what you need for the high-stake situations you face every […]
Interview Invite Technologies is a shared talent network that uses artificial intelligence to automatically direct talent to your open jobs. Its original Talent Rolodex is a multifunctional hub that captures and organizes talent. This ensures that the best talent for your company is hired, based on your company’s strengths, weaknesses, and goals. Interview Invite Technologies […]
Ensuring access to information is a key component of the ADA, and it is critical for every organization to make it available. ADASure is committed to helping your business achieve legal requirements and developing content and programs that are easily accessible. From your existing site’s compliance needs to future development, ADASure offers solutions and opportunities […]
If you’re looking to start your own business and take control of your life, CleanLots might be just what you have in mind. In 1981, Brian Winch began providing a “niche” service for commercial property management companies. They clean litter from parking lots, sidewalks and landscapes of commercial properties. For over 30 years, Brian has […]
ARYA Trading integrates many risk management features to optimize your business run time. They calculate maximum losses, earnings targets, exposure, optimization of entry and exit points, and so much more to make sure your trading experience is smooth. ARYA monitors the market to ensure its clients are protected and making the best decisions possible. By […]

The Thoughtful Entrepreneur host, Josh Elledge, comes from a traditional broadcast radio world and is a remarkable interviewer of entrepreneur leaders..

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The Thoughtful Entrepreneur host, Josh Elledge, has appeared on over 500 podcasts and has appeared in the media more than 2000 times.

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