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On this DAILY founder-stories podcast, your host, Josh Elledge encourages entrepreneurs to share not only their expertise but their stories and their hearts.

You’re gonna love this show. SEVEN DAYS A WEEK, we cover a wide range of topics (within 15-20 minutes). We cover topics like scaling challenges, leadership, funding, marketing, and sales. We'll also let our guests share on the subjects they're well-known for. You’re going to hear real stories, from real people.

We believe that every person has a unique message which can positively impact the world. Even YOU! As a daily show, we're actively seeking guests.

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Dealing with difficult technology is a thing of the past, thanks to Gary Lowe, CEO and Founder of Think IT Ai. Think IT Ai’s mission is to manage your technology so you can focus on your business. They specialize in SMB clients in the Tampa Bay area. Using your existing and the latest technology together, […]
The dictionary definition of Azoth describes it as a “universal remedy”  To the team at AZOTH Nootropics, AZOTH is a tool to unlock your true potential by helping you live the life you truly desire.  They describe true potential as living the life that YOU truly desire. The life that YOU want. Not the one society or friends and family want for […]
Angel Rojas, CEO of DataCorps Technology Solutions, started helping the Tampa bay area rid itself of its technological problems in 2003. DataCorps wants to deliver quality technology solutions that reinforce your business goals while keeping you and your business safe and secure.   They answer the questions all business owners should know in regard to their online protection.  At their core, DataCorps believe in integrity, honesty, excellence, […]
Dr. James Heaton is the Founder of Smiles of Chandler, a leading dental care provider in Arizona.   Dr. Heaton prides himself on providing excellent treatment to his patients in a comfortable atmosphere. He is an expert in dental knowledge, having received a bachelor’s degree in Advanced Radiologic Sciences from Weber State University and a Dental […]
Leonard George is a company that prides itself in developing, marketing, and managing new or renewed brands.  Leonard George's brand development service helps you build your public profile and gets you ready to be in the consumer marketplace. If you aspire to be like Dr. Oz, Rachael Ray, Judge Judy or Dr. Phil, Leonard George […]
In today’s time, having an attractive and functional website is very important. Most people would check on a company’s website before looking into the services being offered by the company. Having a great website simply means giving the right first impression to potential clients. Gerber Consultants help businesses improve their websites through a number of […]
Everything in this world change as time passes. The marketing strategy 5 days before may not be the same with what the current marketing strategy is. There are several things in this world that evolves and changes rapidly, and dealing with how to market things is one of those many things. Cassus Media provides digital […]
Developing the ability of your kids to do problem-solving and critical-thinking is important especially if they’re in their younger stages. It’s also equally important to have your children’s mindset focused on an end goal. Although there are several organizations that offer these sorts of training, most of these come with a steep price. Marshmallow Minds […]
Have you ever wanted your music to come out exactly as what you would want it? Even artists who have spent a great amount of time dealing with music sometimes just can’t replicate the exact music quality. It’s really something that’s difficult to do. Recreation Sound is based on designs on the mathematics and patterns […]
Majority of parents have a hard time when their kids are about to go to college. LifeLaunchr was created to help students and families find their best-choice college and get in, and to navigate the confusing, opaque college admission process with less stress. LifeLauchr is focused on creating a better alternative that serves many more […]
Being a mom is hard, and being an entrepreneur is also hard. So we believe that women who do both deserve a high five. It is with great pleasure to have Crystalee Beck, the founder of The Mama Ladder, a company whose mission is to help women around the world thrive at the intersection of […]
Some of us might have heard of regenerative medicine before, but never had the chance to really know what it’s all about. We have Dr. Ross Carter today to share his personal experience in going through regenerative medicine. Ross was playing this game. It's going great. And then one time, he caught the ball wrong […]
Want to express yourself through your hair? There are several parts in a person’s body which can be used to express one’s self, but the hair is one of those parts that’s least appreciated. Today’s guest is Jessica Lee, one of the founders and CEO of NVENN, a company that specializes in highlighting a person’s […]
In need of someone to manage your financial services? A good number of people don’t have the time to go through financial management because they’re too busy building their business. A variety of financial services companies only cater to business clients. What about those clients that are in the nonprofit side of the industry? Our […]
Math Trek focuses on developing the mathematical skills of students. Instructors are sent to different locations to teach an hour of competitive math. These instructors try to go over the layers and teaching methods. Instructors teach the kids how to do these really hard math problems to prepare them for competition. Math Trek currently about […]
Ryan is the Co-Founder and CEO of krtkl, a hardware and software solutions for companies and inventors who are bringing new products to market. Visit his website: “We will actually help our end users design our product into their product. So we've been pretty intimately involved with the development of a couple different commercial […]

The Thoughtful Entrepreneur host, Josh Elledge, comes from a traditional broadcast radio world and is a remarkable interviewer of entrepreneur leaders..

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