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On this DAILY founder-stories podcast, your host, Josh Elledge encourages entrepreneurs to share not only their expertise but their stories and their hearts.

You’re gonna love this show. SEVEN DAYS A WEEK, we cover a wide range of topics (within 15-20 minutes). We cover topics like scaling challenges, leadership, funding, marketing, and sales. We'll also let our guests share on the subjects they're well-known for. You’re going to hear real stories, from real people.

We believe that every person has a unique message which can positively impact the world. Even YOU! As a daily show, we're actively seeking guests.

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Ensuring access to information is a key component of the ADA, and it is critical for every organization to make it available. ADASure is committed to helping your business achieve legal requirements and developing content and programs that are easily accessible. From your existing site’s compliance needs to future development, ADASure offers solutions and opportunities […]
If you’re looking to start your own business and take control of your life, CleanLots might be just what you have in mind. In 1981, Brian Winch began providing a “niche” service for commercial property management companies. They clean litter from parking lots, sidewalks and landscapes of commercial properties. For over 30 years, Brian has […]
ARYA Trading integrates many risk management features to optimize your business run time. They calculate maximum losses, earnings targets, exposure, optimization of entry and exit points, and so much more to make sure your trading experience is smooth. ARYA monitors the market to ensure its clients are protected and making the best decisions possible. By […]
Since being created in 2008, MyOutDesk has delivered the highest quality virtual assistant services across the country. A virtual assistant provides support services to other businesses from a remote location. This makes business easier and faster for you and the clients. Hiring a virtual assistant costs up to 60% less than in house staffing and […]
DreamsRecycled is an online divorce community and one-stop divorce shop for all things divorce-related. They have a marketplace with items associated with one-time dreams and offer a place to meet like-minded individuals who are going through similar situations. This community allows you to connect with other divorcees for support, friendship, dating, and networking. CEO and […] is a smart application that helps ease the stress of home rental management. The computer software is easy to use and saves time and money for landlords, renters, and real estate agents. Trintals provides a fully comprehensive solution for managing your rental property at no cost to you. The entire landlord process is handled […]
Eli Natoli, like many of us, spent many years feeling unfulfilled, unmotivated and extremely frustrated with her job. No matter how hard she pushed or how many hours she worked, she wasn’t getting what she wanted from her career. She came to the realization that these seminars and programs she went to in order to […]
Augustas Kligys is the founder and CEO of Orange Klik, a company committed to providing others with the tools to achieve success by offering informative expert sessions and guides to becoming a top Amazon seller. Orange Klik creates webinars, virtual summits, and software demos designed for Amazon businesses. Orange Klik is passionate about sharing ideas, strategies […]
Brett Harned is the Director of Education at TeamGantt and the creator of the Digital PM Summit, an annual conference for digital project managers to share their knowledge and speak passionately about what they do. In 2012, two dozen studio owners gathered together to share experiences, ideas, and challenges. With that meeting, the Bureau of […]
Award-winning entrepreneur and author Jeffrey Deckman has over 40 years of management experience under his belt and has been a serial entrepreneur for 35 years. During that time, he has built two multi-million-dollar companies and several non-profits before he founded Capability Accelerators in 2005. Over the past 15 years, Jeffrey has coached, mentored, consulted and […]
For the last 10 years, Frankie Fihn has helped people answer life’s toughest questions. Frankie is the Founder of Sacred Plant Retreats, a company dedicated to helping its clients figure out their life’s purpose. Sacred Plant Retreats is focused on helping people figure out why they’re on this earth and how to make the best […]
ManageByStats (MBS) is a software developed to make the lives of Amazon sellers easier. The founder of MBS, Philip Jepsen, started building an FBA toolkit for his own Amazon business years ago because he got tired of doing everything manually. He knew there had to be a better way, so he built a set of tools […]
YAC is an audio-first messaging platform that helps you talk faster and build stronger relationships with your remote team. Jordan Walker, Justin Mitchell, and Hunter McKinley, Co-founders and managers of YAC, developed this computer software specifically to help make communication easier and more efficient for small teams. YAC doesn't require links, meetings, or schedules. The […]
Dealing with difficult technology is a thing of the past, thanks to Gary Lowe, CEO and Founder of Think IT Ai. Think IT Ai’s mission is to manage your technology so you can focus on your business. They specialize in SMB clients in the Tampa Bay area. Using your existing and the latest technology together, […]
The dictionary definition of Azoth describes it as a “universal remedy”  To the team at AZOTH Nootropics, AZOTH is a tool to unlock your true potential by helping you live the life you truly desire.  They describe true potential as living the life that YOU truly desire. The life that YOU want. Not the one society or friends and family want for […]
Angel Rojas, CEO of DataCorps Technology Solutions, started helping the Tampa bay area rid itself of its technological problems in 2003. DataCorps wants to deliver quality technology solutions that reinforce your business goals while keeping you and your business safe and secure.   They answer the questions all business owners should know in regard to their online protection.  At their core, DataCorps believe in integrity, honesty, excellence, […]
Dr. James Heaton is the Founder of Smiles of Chandler, a leading dental care provider in Arizona.   Dr. Heaton prides himself on providing excellent treatment to his patients in a comfortable atmosphere. He is an expert in dental knowledge, having received a bachelor’s degree in Advanced Radiologic Sciences from Weber State University and a Dental […]
Leonard George is a company that prides itself in developing, marketing, and managing new or renewed brands.  Leonard George's brand development service helps you build your public profile and gets you ready to be in the consumer marketplace. If you aspire to be like Dr. Oz, Rachael Ray, Judge Judy or Dr. Phil, Leonard George […]

The Thoughtful Entrepreneur host, Josh Elledge, comes from a traditional broadcast radio world and is a remarkable interviewer of entrepreneur leaders..

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