065 Non-for-Profit and Business Finances with Applied Financial Services’ Roxanne Albin

In need of someone to manage your financial services?

A good number of people don’t have the time to go through financial management because they’re too busy building their business. A variety of financial services companies only cater to business clients. What about those clients that are in the nonprofit side of the industry? Our guest for today is Roxanne Albin, founder of Applied Financial Services, Inc.

Applied Financial Services, Inc. is dedicated to serve both non-profit and business clients. Before Roxanne started her own company, she served in the financial services industry for over 20 years. This experience combined with her education in MBA in Global Management and passion for supporting her community, started Applied Financial Services, Inc.

“A lot of nonprofits hire people that are less qualified, or unqualified for their roles, or many nonprofits hire, you know, one person and expect them to do an exorbitant amount of work, we have found that there's a lot of cleanup that needs to happen, or there's a lot of turnover in nonprofits.” – Roxanne

Roxanne Albin is the founder of Applied Financial Services, Inc., a company that provides quality, customized, financial management services to clients, facilitate financial training, and give back to the community at the same time.

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