069 Regenerative Warrior Podcast’s Dr. Ross Carter

Some of us might have heard of regenerative medicine before, but never had the chance to really know what it’s all about. We have Dr. Ross Carter today to share his personal experience in going through regenerative medicine.

Ross was playing this game. It's going great. And then one time, he caught the ball wrong and landed on his back because his knee just blew out. He never had an injury before in his life. He limped off the court and went into his car. That was the end of his dodgeball career. What happened was he had torn his ACL, had injured my meniscus, and actually caused a minor fracture too. So I recovered generally from it.

 “I wanted to help other doctors because I knew I noticed there was a problem in the industry is not a lot of people understood it. So I started learning more. The more I learned about it, the more I wanted to educate other doctors on what the truth was in this industry.” – Ross

Ross Carter is the owner of theRegenerative Warrior Podcast, a podcast that specializes in regenerative medicine.

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