072 – What it Means to Support Lifestyle Over Product with Recreation Sound Systems’ Gregory Castellanos

Have you ever wanted your music to come out exactly as what you would want it?

Even artists who have spent a great amount of time dealing with music sometimes just can’t replicate the exact music quality. It’s really something that’s difficult to do.

Recreation Sound is based on designs on the mathematics and patterns of nature. They’re focused on creating products that replicated sound the way artists intend their music to be heard.

Gregory Castellanos is the CEO and founder of Recreation Sound, a company that utilizes the power of sound and technology to promote fun, unity, and wellness. The company’s main goal is for artists to be able to replicate sound the way they want their music to be heard.

“We'd like to use music, as I mentioned, to bring people closer together. And yeah, partnering and building communities, something that we're really passionate about.” – Gregory

Aside from being the CEO and founder of Recreation Sound, Gregory Castellanos is also a performer, musician, artist, and audiophile.

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