074 – What Music Does for Your Advertising with Cassus Media’s Paul Cassarly

Everything in this world change as time passes. The marketing strategy 5 days before may not be the same with what the current marketing strategy is. There are several things in this world that evolves and changes rapidly, and dealing with how to market things is one of those many things.

Cassus Media provides digital marketing solutions to businesses in the United States and Europe, using a “360° marketing strategy”. The method behind this is a structured series of tasks that must be set up before a business can effectively market online. 

These businesses need to have:

  • Website where customers get information and purchase products and/or services
  • Branding materials such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter page covers
  • Social media tactics are put into motion that bring the entire strategy together

Having these 3 elements creates a “lead generation” machine. 

“When you're narrating the voice, the message that they're trying to speak to you is the most important part of music is just kind of background.” – Paul


Paul is the founder of Cassus Media, a company that provides a complete marketing strategy package to businesses in Europe and the United States.

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