077 – How to Have Your Product or Company be “As Seen On TV” with Leonard George.TV’s Daniella Cracknell

Leonard George is a company that prides itself in developing, marketing, and managing new or renewed brands. 

Leonard George's brand development service helps you build your public profile and gets you ready to be in the consumer marketplace. If you aspire to be like Dr. Oz, Rachael Ray, Judge Judy or Dr. Phil, Leonard George is the company to go to.

On their website, they've included everything you might need to know about their business and the benefit you can receive by choosing to work with them. 

Their services include executing marketing campaigns that ensure your talent, expertise and services resonate with current and potential customers, compel consumers to engage with your product, and generate media exposure that will benefit your company or product.

Leonard George CEO and President, Daniella Cracknell, is a seasoned marketing communications executive with a prolific career in media and broadcasting. Visit:

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