078 – How Your Local Social Media Influencers can Boost Your Business with Smiles of Chandler’s Dr. James Heaton

Dr. James Heaton is the Founder of Smiles of Chandler, a leading dental care provider in Arizona.  

Dr. Heaton prides himself on providing excellent treatment to his patients in a comfortable atmosphere. He is an expert in dental knowledge, having received a bachelor’s degree in Advanced Radiologic Sciences from Weber State University and a Dental Surgery doctorate from Ohio State University. Dr. Heaton has received multiple awards, including one for his research in dental esthetics. 

Smiles of Chandler has over 30 years of experience and their practice utilizes the latest in modern dental technology. The highly trained team of dental professionals ensure that the customer is getting the best dental care possible. 

“We’re confident our highly trained, family-friendly doctors will put you and yours at ease and provide the quality care you deserve. You’re in good hands at Smiles of Chandler.” – Dr. James Heaton 

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