079 – IT and Cyber-Security Industry Tips with DataCorps Technology Solutions’ Angel Rojas

Angel Rojas, CEO of DataCorps Technology Solutions, started helping the Tampa bay area rid itself of its technological problems in 2003. DataCorps wants to deliver quality technology solutions that reinforce your business goals while keeping you and your business safe and secure.  

They answer the questions all business owners should know in regard to their online protection. 

At their core, DataCorps believe in integrity, honesty, excellence, innovation, flexibility, and humility. With these values at the center of their service, you are sure to leave with a positive experience  

Their philosophy is proactive, not reactive. They monitor and manage your network and address any issues before they become problems. 

This proactive approach was designed with the customer in mind. Your business will be more efficient and more effective when you work with  DataCorps Technology Solutions.   

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