080 – Innovating a Half-Filled Need In the Market with Azoth’s Prady Tewarie

The dictionary definition of Azoth describes it as a “universal remedy” 

To the team at AZOTH Nootropics, AZOTH is a tool to unlock your true potential by helping you live the life you truly desire. 

They describe true potential as living the life that YOU truly desire. The life that YOU want. Not the one society or friends and family want for you.

Prady Tewarie is the Founder and CEO of AZOTH, a supplement created to increase productivity and help users reach peak performance. 

Prady wanted something that could be used to optimize your brain’s ability to focus, enhance memory and your ability to learn, rebalance your brain’s chemicals to eliminate stress, anxiety, depression, and more. Most importantly, he wanted something non-toxic with very little-to-no side effects. 

“At the end of the day the world is run, changed, and moved by those who get sh*t done and all the skill, talent, and money in the world can’t make up for it.”- Prady  

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