084 – It’s Time to Discover Your Purpose with Sacred Plant Retreats’ Frankie Fihn

For the last 10 years, Frankie Fihn has helped people answer life’s toughest questions. Frankie is the Founder of Sacred Plant Retreats, a company dedicated to helping its clients figure out their life’s purpose.

Sacred Plant Retreats is focused on helping people figure out why they’re on this earth and how to make the best of their life.

Their service gives you 5 days in a mansion in the heart of Amsterdam to focus on you and discover your true purpose. The payment for this service includes all your meals, laundry, plant medicine, and anything else you could possibly need. Frankie and the team at Sacred Plant Retreats are so confident in their system, that they give you 2 times your money back guaranteed if you don’t get the results they promise.

“Once you realize you’re going to die and that it's all going to be okay, it gives you the freedom to really live. I believe you deserve the chance to live the best life possible, that supports you and your family and the world, and that abundance, freedom, joy, and love are your birthright for you to claim. “– Frankie Fihn

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