089 – It’s Time to Learn to Scale Your Business with Eli Natoli

Eli Natoli, like many of us, spent many years feeling unfulfilled, unmotivated and extremely frustrated with her job. No matter how hard she pushed or how many hours she worked, she wasn’t getting what she wanted from her career.

She came to the realization that these seminars and programs she went to in order to help “solve” her career issues, were telling her the same things every time; how to get more clients, how to make more money, and so on and so forth.

The question she wanted answers for wasn’t “how do I get more clients?” or “how do I make more money?”, it was “how can I better serve my clients?”.

She wanted bigger and better results for her clients, but to do that, she needed to change how she ran her business.

“I started to approach all of my marketing efforts from the perspective of ‘how does this help me serve my clients better? How does this set me (and them) up for quick wins up front and measurable results throughout our relationship?' ” – Eli

Now Eli is on a mission to help business leaders get the best results possible from their clients.

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