090 – A Better Way to Find Tenants with Trintals’ Shankar Thayver is a smart application that helps ease the stress of home rental management. The computer software is easy to use and saves time and money for landlords, renters, and real estate agents.

Trintals provides a fully comprehensive solution for managing your rental property at no cost to you. The entire landlord process is handled through the Trintals website and includes listing your property, screening applicants, lease preparation, deposit and rent collection, and more.

Trintals offers credit and background checks, electronic leases, free property management software, online rent collection, rental marketing, tenant screening, and even more services to make the entire experience easier for you.

Trintals CEO and Founder, Shankar Thayver, is an entrepreneur, investor, and technologist. Shankar has been involved in many real estate projects, including partnering with Lifestyle Rentals Inc., Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate, and more.

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